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2017: Year in Review
In this newsletter, find
  • Our takeaways from the latest round of renewal applications
  • Recent highlights from Pasek Consulting
  • What’s next for 2018
Our Takeaways from the Latest Round of Renewal Applications
In the 2017 renewal application cycle, we supported client schools from all three authorizers. We now wait with the schools and boards to find out charter term recommendations. Based on our experience in this round so far, here are our takeaways about the areas of priority for the authorizers:

Board performance matters
Do board members understand the promises made in the school’s charter? Boards that can speak specifically about their school's mission and design, performance, and continuous improvement plans are faring the best during renewal interviews. As always, it is also critical to show evidence of effective oversight, including member participation and compliance.

Quality and consistency in academics
During renewal visits, instructional consistency between classrooms has been an area of focus. Schools should also expect review of their academic performance for the entire term. In most cases, a school with a modest, positive trend over time is a stronger candidate than a school with one flashy data point right before renewal.

Pay attention to recruitment, retention, and performance of special populations
Expect to discuss the recruitment and retention efforts and the academic success of students with disabilities, English language learners, and those with economic disadvantage.
Recent Highlights from Pasek Consulting
Presentations at the New York City Charter Center
We enjoyed meeting new schools and seeing familiar faces at our renewal workshop hosted by the New York City Charter Center in October. We’re working on more case studies, which we hope to share at a future date. Jen Pasek also participated in a rich panel discussion at the Center on how boards use data. We are always honored to participate in events at the Center; it offers such a valuable resource for NYC charter schools.
What's Next in 2018
While we await the 2017 renewal recommendations, our work on the 2018 renewal cycle has begun. For our client schools not in the renewal cycle, we continue to expand services for board capacity through board self evaluation surveys, retreats, and refining board tools such as school leader evaluations and dashboards.

Happy holidays,
Nora, Jen, & Dan