Hi Families!!

I hope you are all having a fantastic summer! This is going to be my very last email in regards to the 2017/2018 dance year!

We really did have an amazing year and we are so proud of everything our dancers have accomplished!

I am just touching base on a few things that are still relevant to last season's dance year:

1. Comp DVD/Photo Orders Ready
Great Canadian Competition photos and DVD's are ready for pick up! If you ordered one of these DVDs/photos please stop by during our office hours on Wednesdays at 11:00am-3:00pm.

2.Year End Show DVDs
YES DVD's are still available for purchase. Due to some website difficulties, the videographer has decided to open up the video sales until the end of August. If you have not yet ordered your DVD you can still do so!
Something new that this DVD will have is a little video at the beginning of each DVD. This is the video footage from class time/backstage/onstage warm up. It is a really cute video and something that everyone gets for free with their DVD purchase!

Password: Alive2018

3. Photo Orders
Year End Photo from Photo week are still available for purchase! These photos are fabulous this year and Cory has so many cool items for purchase. Don't forget to check the photos out and order if you haven't already done so.

Password: ALIVE2018