Dear Association Foundation Colleagues:

The 2017 AFG Benchmarking Survey is now available! We hope that you will facilitate your organization's participation in this important study. The Survey can be accessed and completed through the online link below. 
Please click on the following links to download a  PDF copy and instructions

Please distribute this survey to other association peers you may have. Our goal is to achieve a robust response to this year's survey.

Survey responses are due by Friday, September 15, 2017.
The complete survey results will be available Fall 2017 for free to participating Associations / Foundations and new members of AFG.

Instructions for Completing the Survey

1. Download and review a PDF of the survey questions;

2. If you can't complete all of the questions, we encourage you to send in what you can;

3. Once you are ready to complete the survey, CLICK HERE and enter your data (you must complete the survey in one session.)

4. Complete Survey by Friday, September 15.
If you have problems with the link, please contact Kurt McKinley at (410) 337-2612 or

Helpful Tips
Here are some tips that may be helpful in gathering the data you need...
  • Print the survey. Highlight the questions that require relying on others for the information. Request that information right away.

  • Divide the survey among your staff, assigning each person several questions to lighten the load for any one individual.

  • Refer back to previous years' surveys (or meet once as a group) to ensure you are "counting" gifts as you did in the past--using same parameters, time-frame, etc.

  • Call a member of the Benchmarking Committee with questions.
Thank you in advance for your participation!
Lara Kadylak, AFG President

Lynette Sappe-Watkins, AFG Past President