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December 4, 2017
2017 AHCCCS Provider Survey
AHCCCS is conducting a survey to determine it's contracted Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) performance and responsiveness to its providers for the following lines of business: Acute Care, Arizona Long Term Care System for the Elderly and Physically Disabled (ALTCS/EPD), Children's Rehabilitative Services (CRS), and Regional Behavioral Health Authorities (RBHAs). We are asking that providers contracted with the below listed health plans complete this survey to determine your level of satisfaction with MCO Claims, Customer Service and Credentialing processes. 
Care 1st
Health Choice
Health Net
Mercy Care Plan
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan Acute
University Family Care 

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan CRS 
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan LTC
Mercy Care Plan LTC
Banner-University Family Care LTC

Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care
Cenpatico Integrated Care
Health Choice Integrated Care 

**If you are contracted with more than one MCO across multiple lines of business, please submit a response for each MCO you contract with, for each line of business. 

This survey is anonymous. Results will be tabulated by AHCCCS and no personal identifiers will be shared.

Your feedback is very important to our assessment and processes for improvement. Please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey at:
Thank you in advance for your valuable feedback,
AHCCCS, Division of Health Care Management - Operations

As always, don't hesitate to contact your Mercy Care  or your Mercy Maricopa Provider Relations Representative with any questions or comments. You can find this notice and all other provider notices on our Mercy Care Plan or Mercy Maricopa website.   

Thanks for all you do!

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