2017 Annual Report
Dear Friends,

Thanks to you, Jerusalem Peacebuilders (JPB) now stands  before several extraordinary opportunities . In 2017, strategic advances in partnerships, programming, staffing and funding positioned JPB to become a recognized, international peacebuilding organization with systemic impact.  JPB's strong position results from deliberate planning that began in 2016 that are reflected in the accompanying 2017 financial information. In this regard, three elements of JPB's recent strategy deserve special attention: program, staffing and organizational capital investments.
  • Program: In 2015, JPB decided to diversify both its programming and the types of participants involved. To accomplish this, JPB developed new programming in 2016 while temporarily reducing its offerings that year, allowing us to build up both the financial reserves and appeal necessary to attract new partners. In 2017, 70 teens participated in three interfaith programs. In 2018, that number will be approximately 100, and our new organizational partners will cover 35% of JPB's summer costs.
  • Staffing:  The strategy to improve and expand JPB's programming for adults and youth necessarily involved plans to  develop, retain and enlarge our permanent and seasonal staff. The 2017 budget and finances reflect our investment in an additional full-time educator and several seasonal staff members for the four summer peacebuilding programs. The 2016 operating surplus made these key hires possible. The impact of their work galvanized our partners'  exceptional response to JPB programming.
  • Organizational Capital Investments To realize the strategic plan of providing quality interfaith peace and leadership education for adults and youth, JPB completed the process of registering as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2015. Further legal work focused on protecting JPB's name and logo both in Israel and the U.S. These legal costs represent a capital investment in the organization, ensuring its creation, operation and support.
At Jerusalem Peacebuilders, we believe 2017's operations and finances speak to the strength of our vision and the quality of our performance.  Both will serve us well in 2018.

Peace, Shalom, Salaam,

(The Rev. Canon) Nicholas T. Porter
Executive Director
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world   www.jerusalempeacebuilders.org
Dear Supporters,

From a fiscal standpoint, 2017 represents the final stage of JPB's transition from a subcontractor to a larger organization (Kids4Peace) into the fully developed, independent peace organization. In order to accomplish this transition with modest resources, we were strategic about timing and implementation.

In 2016, we temporarily suspended our Leadership program in Brattleboro and our Intermediate program in Houston. This enabled us to create the operating surplus required to implement an expanded array of programming for 2017.

This successful implementation impacted staffing.  In 2017, the growth of our school programming, combined with the need to develop our curricula, required JPB to hire an experienced Program Director.  This is both exciting and rewarding. However,  JPB  will need to offer more competitive compensation packages in order to  retain our best talent.
Administratively, JPB continues to operate very efficiently. All of our administrative functions including bookkeeping, insurance, compliance, filing, and HR are handled pro bono by a professional management company. In addition, the management company also coordinates the outside legal and accounting functions. During 2015-16, JPB incurred significant legal fees related to applying for and obtaining our 501c3 status with the IRSThis precipitated the need to amend our By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation as well as develop policies and procedures to maintain compliance as a newly formed public charity, and develop internal and external reporting standards. We also found it necessary to protect our name, logo and brand identity in both Israel and the United States. JPB anticipates its legal fees will be significantly less going forward.

In short, JPB executed its initial strategic plan well both programmatically and fiscally. By carefully choosing how and when to implement each of our program components, we created the operating surpluses required to fund the anticipated deficit required to develop our program plan and achieve our goals. 
Jerusalem Peacebuilders is now in a unique position to have systemic impact at a comparatively modest cost.   JPB's ability to leverage our people, structure, and resources together with those of our partners into a sustainable and impactful mission makes us a sound and compelling investment for peace.

Stuart Kensinger
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world   www.jerusalempeacebuilders.org
Volunteering, Diplomacy, Interfaith Learning, and Dialogue
Shabbat worship at Acer Farm
The hard work of crafting peace projects

New Haven community members and faith leaders band together with JPB to paint a giant billboard-size banner themed around "We Welcome Refugees"

Touring the United Nations in NYC
Conversation with Imam Sami

Discussion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with US Senator Richard Blumenthal
Delivering speeches on service and connections to peace

Cleaning up the Camp Allen Garden
Horseback riding at 
Camp Allen

Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world   www.jerusalempeacebuilders.org
Interview with Episcopal Church in Connecticut
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world   www.jerusalempeacebuilders.org
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JPB Co-Founders and doctors from MD Anderson visit Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza

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