Dear 2017 Big Sur Marathon Weekend Entrant,
Welcome to the 32nd presentation of the Big Sur International Marathon weekend of events! We look forward to having you join us on Sunday, April 30th, for a run along the "ragged edge of the western world." And this year, it is truly "ragged" (see "Marathon Course Update" below).
This is one of several communications you'll be receiving from us prior to race weekend. We hope to keep you informed and build on your excitement for your upcoming race.
This winter, the Big Sur coastline has been battered by a series of strong storms creating numerous slides and closing large sections of Highway 1. Fortunately the worst of these are south of our course.

The Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge, which has suffered extensive damage, is south of the marathon start and is not one of the bridges crossed on the course. However, this bridge closure will change how and where marathon runners are dropped off for the start. We are currently putting together a plan to get all marathon runners to the start safely and on time.  Our other events on Highway 1, including the 21-Miler, 10.6-Miler, 12K, 5K, and Marathon Relay legs 2, 3 and 4, should not be affected.
If you haven't already done so, be sure to book your lodging now. Special BSIM hotel options with race rates are available but only through the end of this month. Click the link below to view our highlighted options followed by a complete listing of available lodging opportunities in Monterey County with enhanced search features.

Do you have a compelling story behind your run this year? Perhaps you overcame a serious illness or injury, have lost a significant amount of weight, or are currently facing a major life challenge? Are you bringing/running with a large group of friends or family members? To share, send your one or two short paragraph story along with a high-resolution image of yourself and include the name of your hometown newspaper or television station to no later than March 20. Your submission may even end up in our race program!
We're sorry if circumstances keep you from joining us this year. Please note that there are no deferments, transfers, or refunds (unless you purchased Registration Protector and your reason is covered). To read our cancellation policy, click HERE . If you are no longer able to travel to our event, please be sure to cancel your hotel reservation immediately so that you won't incur unnecessary charges and rooms will be available for other participants
Race Weekend Instructions will be emailed to all participants and posted online at  about three weeks before the race and will contain an updated schedule of events, course, venue, and expo maps and bus pick-up locations.

Best of luck in your training countdown for Big Sur. We'll be back in touch with you soon!
The Big Sur Marathon Team