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January 12th, 2017
We Have NEWS!

Gir-r-r-l and Zephyr (photos below) expect a small litter of mini-Cockapoo pups toward the end of this month. This will be XANADU’S first Cockapoo litter of 2017. We hope for some blue eyes in this litter, and expect lower-shed-to-no-shed puppies. Yes, if you have an existing deposit for this litter or for a Cockapoo pup, please confirm your interest in a puppy from this litter. I cannot give you more information (sex, colors, number of pups) until pups are born on the 25th or 26th. XANADU needs to know how many puppies we have before letting clients know IF they will receive a puppy from this little litter.

But here’s the good news for those who have to wait: XANADU plans nine Cockapoo and Cockapoo cross breedings this season (mini-Cockapoo-Holly and mini-Goldendoodle-Champagne’s puppies will be examples of Cockapoo cross pups).

Breedings to Date
Mini-LABRADOODLE, EUREKA, has been bred to mini-GOLDEN RETRIEVER, River. This F2 cross is called a “DOUBLE DOODLE.” BOTH PARENT dogs have just the best of genetic backgrounds. Expect active pups who want to run and vault and jump and soar with their great hips, patella, hearts--that is, they’ll want to enjoy their wonderful bodies. XANADU doesn’t breed specifically for great joggers or agility competitors (like Eureka); we breed for great genetic testing results—and then the dogs want to run and climb and jump, etc. If you’ve got a wonderful little body, you feel good, and you want to use that body! So, here is another litter of pups that will play and laugh, “I love my life!”

River is a super-smart boy, who understands the English language better than most kids who enter first grade. He is a happy boy who loves his family, outings, fetching a ball…

Eureka is a slate-phantom beauty—agile, smart, and a wonderful family dog. This is our second attempt at breeding. Last season’s breeding with River resulted in a false pregnancy. When the Guardians took Eureka in for a pre-birth x-ray to count puppy heads, they discovered that Eureka had fooled them. “All we have is one fat, spoiled dog!” Well, that was disappointing all around. May Eureka have puppies this time…many puppies, and may she get spoiled by her great Guardians all over again.

Pups are expected to be slate, phantom-marked, shades of gold, and to be about 30-33 pounds as adults. There should be wavy-coated, low-shed, and no-shed pups in this litter. Expect these smart youngsters to want to balance your checkbook, drive your car, buy the groceries…

If you have submitted a deposit for a mini-Goldendoodle / mini-Retriever-Doodle litter, you are first in line. Please confirm your interest in having one of Eureka’s pups. If Eureka has a normal-sized litter, there may be pups available for purchase even if you have not already submitted your deposit.


MISS LULLABY IS SCHEDULED TO BE BRED TO UBER KHAN—hopefully on Monday. (Please see attached photos of these parent dogs.) This is a first litter for both of these mature young adults and an F1b litter, Goberian X Siberian Husky. Puppies could look like either parent, but will be especially Husky-like in appearance. ALL pups should have BLUE EYES. Expected colors are bi-and tri-color red-white-and-blue, sable and white, and black-white-and silver--like Lullaby’s coloring. Coat length could be longer with varying textures.

These puppies will be standard-to-LARGE size, will have great temperaments, and be good indoor/outdoor Colorado dogs—love weather and snow and skijor and will be want to pull your sled, bike, or wagon.

While beginner-through-intermediate training is expected for all XANADU pups, when you have a BIG, smart, healthy pup, training is especially important. All puppies want to know what their owners want them to do. Well-behaved dogs get to go more places with proud owners.

We expect many XANADU Goberians this season, so while deposits have been submitted already, Goberian pups will be available. If you have a deposit for a Goberian puppy, please confirm your interest in a blue-eyed puppy that will be ready to come home in May.

In Other News...


As time passes and more opportunities and options present themselves in caring for our furry BFFs, XANADU will become increasingly holistic in its practices. I personally want to treat each of my dogs like REAL family members who receive the best nourishment possible, the best medical care, the most positive training, etc.

In past years, I have been concerned about the quality and purity of the diets our dogs receive, about the negative reactions to vaccines I’ve noticed that some puppies experience (usually the herding dogs), about healthy options in veterinary care, about resources for information, etc. You’ve all heard the controversy about rawhide chews, for example. Let me know what you think of this informative video:

Also, XANADU now subscribes to Dogs Naturally Magazine, and I recommend this resource to you.

Xanadu Breeding Goals
Our website:, summarizes XANADU’S Breeding Goals. Below is a more expanded explanation of those goals. Our Primary Objective is the development of a new breed, the XANADU, the World’s Best Family Dog. Toward that end, the goals for which we breed are enumerated below. Lineages displaying most (sometimes ALL) of these characteristics are woven together year after year toward our objective.

FIRST and foremost: TEMPERAMENT - Our pups and dogs are friendly with family members and may also be very friendly with strangers. and are safe for children to play with. For example, the Goberian puppies do not chew on people/children when they are little pups; other breeds seem to have this issue until they mature or are taught not to chew. This is a work-in-progress, of course; some lineages are naturally less chewy; others need instruction about appropriate behavior. If you are a puppy, oh! there is so much to learn!

XANADU pups do not have anger issues or short fuses, and seldom (if ever) get irritated by anything; they are all about rough-and-tumble puppy play, however. They MAY alert you to a stranger’s approach as mature dogs, but XANADU pups are NOT guard dogs, and are bred for reduced barkiness (another work in progress). Your neighbors will appreciate this characteristic. 

CONFIRMATION - (or sometimes I say, "grace") and GENETIC SOUNDNESS--Parent dogs are the best examples of their breeds (genetic test results, (often) Championship parentage / ancestry, etc. that can be found. Future parent dogs that I have purchased as pups for my Guardian Home program are expensive. I SEARCHED FOR A LONG TIME to find these individuals—sometimes for years. XANADU puppies’ parents have had / are they will undergo (expensive) breed-specific genetic testing for breed-specific disorders—dysplasia, blindness, deafness, heart problems, skin and coat problems, canine collapse disorder, etc. All outside network breeders' stud dogs are “clear” of such genetically-transferable issues. Females that will have one litter for XANADU are “cleared” of genetically-transferable problems by lineage clearances, by information from breeders and/or by parental/ancestral genetic testing (info. stored in registries). Females who will have two-to-three litters for XANADU will be tested for all breed-specific problem possibilities when those problems are available for testing. Hips are classified by OFA as either “good” or “excellent,” by PennHip testing in percentages, and few rare dogs are recognized to have very long-lineage excellence e.g., the Saluki breed, who has the best hips in dog-dom).

XANADU will not breed a dog with “Fair” hip scores. We prefer PennHip testing to OFA. PennHip ratings give you a percentage, like (Glitz) 100% or (Bluegrass Dancer) 90%. Bluegrass Dancer who also has OFA “excellent” hips, as does Alice, Blue Sky, Lulwah, Myrrh, Rumi Wyldfyr, Uno, and others.

EXPECTED LIFE SPAN - XANADU litters have also been bred for longevity—and long lives with good health. If your puppy does NOT carry “extra” longevity qualities, we will let you know, so you can expect your dog to have the normal, healthy life span you would expect. If you have questions about the lifespan expectation of your puppy, please send me an email, and I’ll make an educated guess. We hope that the puppy you purchase for your little children will last for their whole childhoods. As the owner of a XANADU pup, it would be helpful for us to know in the many years to come when your elder dog dies and the cause of death. 

INTELLIGENCE, TRAINABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY -Increasingly, XANADU works toward standard and advanced obedience performance and therapy-dog temperament and characteristics, so your dog will be your best friend and a good neighbor. We breed dogs for companionability and cooperation and for wanting to know what you want him / her to do. Most purchasers write that their pup is the "world's smartest dog." One lady wrote, "No dog has a right to be this smart!" See our Testimonials.

There is another odd quality that we find in some of our dogs: These unusual dogs seem to be able to read minds; I suppose they are just that attentive, bonded, and loving. Still, this is another characteristic for which XANADU breeds.

COAT -- Doodles are beautiful; we prefer waves and curls, soft coats, medium coats, parti-colors of gold-and-white and red-and-white, silver blue phantoms, tri-colors, coat-pattern symmetry, low-to-no-shed and no bad doggie odor. Sometimes a XANADU pup will resemble a parent or grandparent that does shed—Golden Retriever look-alikes in GoldenDoodle litters are one example. If no-to-low shed is important to you, please ask if the pup you want may have significant shedding as an adult. If you have allergies, please talk with your doctor before selecting any puppy—even a Poodle pup. 

SIZE—We have smaller and larger lines of XANADU dogs, but soon we will aim for pups that will mature between 35 and 45 pounds (standard-sized Bernedoodles, Golden Retrievers, GoldenDoodles, Goberians, and others are a current exception, as are Maltipoos)—We prefer dogs that are not so small that they are at great risk of accident (rough-housing / child play, for example) or a target for predators—and not so large that they are difficult to keep as house dogs--or impossible for most pet owners to carry, if necessary. Ultimately, a 35-45 pound adult dog is our world’s-best-dog goal. 

DESIGNER DOODLE OR VANITY CHARACTERISTICS—blue eyes, green eyes, as well as warm brown and gold eyes, “eyeliner” markings, symmetry in markings, black noses and footpads, a soft Egyptian-cotton coat quality, non-barkiness, gracefulness, homing ability, what we have noticed as a "party tail" that looks like a big pom-pom, etc. Chase, Ashoka, Chinook, and Can-Can have great "party tails." Some lineages seem to have a homing ability. We never know until we have a lost-dog crisis, but these XANADU dog owners have exciting and wonderful stories to tell—and these owners are embarrassed to tell these scary lost-dog stories. Who would want to tell me their dogs have had an owner-frightening lost-dog experience and that their dog traveled miles over unknown territory to come home?

XANADU works with fertility clinics, international canine semen banks, fifty (and counting) veterinary clinics worldwide, veterinary teaching hospitals, canine fertility specialists, and with our own breeder network of quality dogs. These professionals offer support, assistance, encouragement, advice, and their enthusiastic support for XANADU of the Rockies. 

Your XANADU pup will have its dewclaws removed and be examined by a veterinarian, too. S/he will have her/his first round of puppy shots and worming. XANADU puppies are guaranteed for temperament, genetic soundness, and total health. You are guaranteed to love your puppy and your pup is guaranteed to be loving in return.

XANADU helps support several organizations that help dogs, wildlife and our environment, and children worldwide.

Thank you, every one, for inquiring about a XANADU puppy, and my best,

Sheron and XANADU of the Rockies

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