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Pup Alert  Newsletter
December 10th, 2016
This HOLIDAY PUP ALERT Newsletter contains information for Guardians of XANADU dogs and for ALL who want a 2017 puppy. This is our (flexible) Breeding Schedule for 2017.

I need Update Information from a few Guardian humans of XANADU breeding dogs, and that request and form is attached for your convenience. Guardians, if I request information that was previously sent—oops—please let me know / resend / call me, etc. The Updates are always so helpful in mate selection—and remember quarterly photos, too. If your Guardian Dog has a * by his/her name, I need Update Information.

Xanadu's First Litter of 2017
We are expecting a mini-Cockapoo litter (25-lb.-adult size / all colors) that will be ready for new homes at the end of March from parents, Gir-r-r-l and Zephyr. This will be XANADU’S first 2017 litter.

Our other puppies are twinkles in their daddies’ eyes, and we don’t always know exactly when our females will be in heat, but it takes four months after breeding for puppies to be ready for new homes. This means that XANADU will have pups available from the end of March through September, and probably longer. We like it when we can aim at May and June—when school is out—and our females often cooperate with January and February heat cycles—but watch for pups later in summer and fall, too. 

Anticipated 2017 Breeding Schedule
See it HERE!
With the Breeding Schedule, Guardians will be able to see their dogs’ proposed mates and back-up studs. If you are a New Pup Purchaser, you can see photos of the parent dogs and read descriptions of each; that will make it easier to determine which litters you are interested in. Phrases like “late-season breeding” indicate the possibility of late May and ff. breedings that will give us fall litters. But it is also possible that these dogs will not be bred until 2018. Please remember that multi-generational puppies are best described by their dominant genes/traits…and that XANADU’S BIG objective is the development of THE WORLD’S BEST FAMILY DOG. Our 2018 XANADU Breeding Schedule will not list “multigenerational” crosses as such; they will be called XANADU Dogs. (We even have a few this year—like Cashmere, or see Pattycake’s upcoming litter, or Mischka’s hoped-for pups, etc.)

Temperament is our first breeding goal. Genetic soundness is next, and then great vet-checked general health. Please see “What Sets Us Apart” on the xanadoodle.com website for a larger list of breeding goals that also includes the vanity considerations our clients love. Your new XANADU puppy is guaranteed for love and health.

The XANADU Breeding Schedule is a flexible Schedule, because stuff happens when we are working with mortals: breeding failures, once-a-year heats, litter postponements for all kinds of good reasons, smaller-than-anticipated litters, all male pups or all females, etc. BUT this Schedule represents likely breedings and includes back-up studs; we hope to offer pups from the following moms and pops. The most-likely sire’s photo (sometimes photos of two sires) is (are) attached following his female mate’s photo. You will be informed of breedings, confirmed pregnancies, births (with baby pictures), and available puppies.

XANADU of the Rockies wishes you and all of those you love the best Holiday Season ever,

Sheron Mariah & the XANADU Pack

Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

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