Ronald M. Tucker is the Chairman of the Australian Digital Currency and Commerce Assocation and founding member of the Global Blockchain Forum.
C hairman's Message 2017

O n behalf of the ADCCA Board of Directors and staff, thank you for your ongoing support of the Association as we mark our 3rd year of operation and development in Australia.  Progress, such as ours, is no small feat, nor is it for the many entrepreneurs, professionals and corporate members working to deliver Blockchain services and applications in new Financial Technologies today.

As we celebrate innovation and technology next month at ADCCA's APAC Blockchain Conference 2017, we would like to recognise the entrepreneurs for all they do to drive such innovation and investment. These employers understand commitment and sacrifice in order to achieve success.  Many of these businesses play a big role in developing promising new services, creating jobs, enhancing Australian competitiveness globally, and generating new economic wealth that benefits us all.

ADDCA will be kicking off its agenda for the new year at the  APAC Blockchain Conference 2017 being held in Sydney from March 7th -9th.   It will be the largest gathering of Blockchain and FinTech leaders to date with key note speakers from Australia Post, Nasdaq, CBA, ANZ, Westpac, Data61, Standards Australia, Newscorp, Telstra, Optus and many others, speaking on the benefits of this important new technology for Australia.   Joining these leaders will include many ADCCA blockchain industry members offering insights and commentary on how their businesses have been leading B2B and B2C innovation here at home.   Below you will find links to the event should you or your organisation wish to attend, along with special discount attendance options for ADCCA newsletter subscribers.

I would also like to take this time to recognise the various milestones achieved last year by ADCCA, led by CEO Nick Giurietto, and the Board which included the delivery of the Digital Currency Code of Conduct in November by the AML-CTF Committee, following recommendations by the Senate Economics References Committee and adopted by Government May 2016.  This code ensures a strong, secure and robust framework now established in Australia for DC's business, meeting best practice AML-CTF standards nationally and internationally.  

Last year also saw the establishment of the ADCCA Industry Advisory Council .  ADCCA feels ensuring collaboration among stakeholders and between industry, regulators and policy-makers is essential for the success of almost all blockchain initiatives.  The members of the Industry Advisory Council will assist in identifying and priorising opportunities and help bring together the networks across industry and government needed to turn good ideas into action.  Committee Members include representatives from the financial, legal, technical, academic and corporate sectors. 

ADCCA, as a founding member of the Global Blockchain Forum, was also pleased to welcome counterpart industry associations from the EU, the UAE, and Canada, joining Japan's Blockchain Association, the UK Digital Currency Association, Singapore's ACCESS and the US, Chamber of Digital Commerce.  The GBF has scheduled its next formal global conference in New York during Consensus 2017, this May.  This meeting will set agenda for the 2017-2018 year of the GBF, with discussions focusing on international standards, cross-jurisdictional regulatory and legal considerations, as well as education and professional training avenues.

Additionally, ADCCA looks forward to its upcoming trade missions in both China and the US, later next month, with delegations in Shanghai for the Austrade FinTech Mission, and the DC Blockchain Summit, in Washington, respectively. 

Keeping Australian interests at the forefront of Blockchain development at these events, and through our ongoing various work, will be even more important than ever in 2017.  The Bain Report, produced on behalf of Broadridge, found that more than 80% of financial market executives interviewed expect distributed ledgers to be adopted by financial institutions by 2020.  The survey estimates the total cost and capital savings to global financial market ecosystems to be between US$15-30 billion (or around 1-3 basis points of total assets).

At ADCCA, improving the ability of Australian companies to compete, and innovate, both regionally and internationally continues to be our primary goal.  We look forward to being the cog that helps propel such innovation and growth this year, and for many more years to come.

Wishing you the very best for 2017,

Ronald M. Tucker

delegate - Bit Trade Australia


Sydney, March 7th - 9th 

ADCCA  is excited to partner with Quest Events to host the APAC Blockchain Conference in Sydney on March 7th - 9th, 2017.

ADCCA has helped design the conference agenda to have a clear focus on cutting past the blockchain hype to provide real insight into the opportunities and use cases for blockchain technology - as well as the barriers that must be overcome!

The agenda features leading blockchain practitioners from across Australia and around the world, including
  • Joseph Lubin, Co-Founder of Ethereum & Consensus will identify how the latest real-world applications are helping organisations around the world harness new opportunities
  • Ahmed Fahour, CEO for Australia Post, will give insights into how they plan to use blockchain innovations to remain competitive and reduce costs
  • A panel discussion featuring the CEO of Standards Australia, Bronywn Evans
    , alongside representatives from Citigroup, Westpac and Ledger Assets will examine what is needed to build an effective regulatory framework
  • In-depth case studies from Commonwealth Bank
    and ANZ on how they plan to leverage blockchain technologies
  • Liam Maxwell, National Technology Advisor to the UK Government, will discuss how to develop a vision for using the blockchain to improve the delivery of services, and how to ensure technology is robust and scalable



ADCCA newsletter subscribers qualify for reduced pricing.  

Call or email Quest Events to take purchase your tickets at 10% off the applicable price.

02 9977 0565

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