I actually like putting up Christmas decorations.  This year my two little twin granddaughters helped. My family and I usually put them up the days after Thanksgiving, and I also get our church decorations up for the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It helps when our grandkids come over and smile in awe at the Christmas lights. So much of the decorations direct our thoughts to Jesus. Lights remind us that, "The people who walk in darkness will see a great light." Is 9:2.  Jesus is the light of the world. Gifts remind us that God gave us the greatest gift of all, eternal life through Jesus. The wise men gave gifts to baby Jesus. Evergreen trees symbolize eternal life. Mistletoe is an aerial parasite that has no roots of its own. It lives off the tree to which it attaches itself and, without that tree, it would die. Mistletoe is a Christmas symbol of our love which derives from and exists only because God loves us. Even hearing the Christmas songs on the radio, hearing people singing praises to God, some without realizing what they are really singing about, can draw us to Jesus. Christmas is a good opportunity to focus on the words, the joy and real meaning of Christmas. Of all people in the world today, Christians should be the ones enjoying this season the most. Enjoy.
Merry Christmas
Jim Smith
Pacific Church Network
Annual Meeting in January

Register now for our Pacific Church Network 2018 Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 28, 2018, at Calvary Baptist Church in Huntington Beach! Bring other members of your church to make connections and be informed about what is happening in and around Pacific Church Network. Meet our church planters, chaplains, missionaries and pastors from around our network. More info.
PCN's Holy Land Tour Departs

Our Pacific Church Network group departed LAX early Tuesday, November 28 for Israel. Included in the group were six pastors who will have the opportunity to lead devotions a few times while in Israel. One pastor will even broadcast live from Jerusalem to his church on Sunday, December 3! That will be a memorable service, especially if the technology works.
Cena de Navidad

Saturday, December 2, 6:00 p.m.
Pastors and leaders from around Southern California will join together this Saturday for our annual Spanish-language Christmas dinner. We are excited to be hosting the dinner this year at San Antonio Heights Community Church in Upland, the church that hosts our PCN offices. Tickets are $10. Space is limited, so if you have not already reserved your place, please call Alexis Bail at 909-367-0910 to RSVP and ensure there is still space available. Thank you!
Baby Goat for Christmas

The average monthly income in Bangladesh is about $88 US dollars. Pacific Church Network is offering to help our CBGlobal network of churches in Bangladesh to raise money for outreach in their communities. One goat costs $50. Send your contributions to PCN this Christmas season at 2520 N. Euclid Avenue, Upland, CA 91784, or online here.
Early-bird Opportunity

Man Camp 2018
Retiro de Varones 2018
We have a special offer this December for all those interested in attending Man Camp (English) or Retiro de Varones (Spanish) coming in October of 2018. For just $25 per person, you may place a deposit to save your preferred type of housing for the weekend. Our deluxe accommodations are very popular and have been selling out. But by placing your early non-refundable deposit, and while availability lasts, you can save your place with only $25 per person through December 31. If you prefer the A-frame cabins/caba ñas, your $25 deposit will also save your place. Your total deposit of $75 (an additional $50 per person) will be due February 28, 2018, to continue to hold your preferred housing. Place your deposits now. (Deposits are non-refundable, but are transferable.)
Small Church Conference

February 26 - 27, 2018
Aventura Sailing Association, Dana Point
Presenter: Jim Powell
This February, plan to attend this two-day conference for small church pastors, ministry leaders and their spouses. The Mustard Seed conference provides helpful insights, encouragement and practical tools from speakers who understand the dynamics and issues unique to smaller churches. Held in a relaxed setting, this event also provides time for connection and mutual support amongst fellow small church leaders. More information coming in the New Year.
Change at Bethany Church LB

After serving on staff at Bethany, Long Beach, for 18 years, Scott Foster has accepted the position of Executive Pastor at the Grove Church in Maple Grove, MN. Over 3 years ago, Pastor Scott was asked to help lead and mend Bethany Church back into a place of health as the interim pastor, which he faithfully accomplished. After prayerfully considering what God would have them do, Pastor Scott and Erica feel led by God to move to the Minneapolis area. We also appreciate Scott's involvement with Pacific Church Network and will miss him on the board, where he was serving as our Vice-chairman. Congratulations to Pastor Scott on a job well done at Bethany Church. 
Refreshing and Much Appreciated

Our 2017 Pastor and Wife Getaway in Laguna Beach was, according to many, the best so far. Some mentioned on their comment cards, "I look forward to this all year," "so grateful," and "thanks for the life preserver, I was on the verge of giving up." It was a time to network, renew friendships, make new acquaintances, be encouraged and just rest. We are pleased to offer this getaway to all our lead pastors in Pacific Church Network. Glad you are part of PCN!

Pastoral Search in Santa Barbara

Calvary Baptist is currently in the process of praying and searching for their next lead pastor. They formed a search team after their pastor for the past eight years, Christian Schalesky, resigned earlier this year. Calvary Baptist has been with our network since 1956 and has been faithfully preaching God's word and influencing the Santa Barbara community for many years. We pray for God's wisdom and discernment to be with the search team during these transitional months ahead.

Pursuing a Merge in Hollywood

Hope Again, a Christian ministry which provides transitional housing to the homeless, is actively talking to another Christian ministry, Broken Hearts, about merging their two ministries into a much broader, more comprehensive approach to the broken and homeless in the Hollywood area. Ross Lokken, Executive Director of Hope Again, the staff and board of both organizations are excited about the possibilities to see more lives changed and impacted by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

PCN Retirement Plan
Guidestone has made a retirement program available to all staff members of Pacific Church Network churches. Through our national network, CBAmerica, GuideStone has also made available several new webcasts that may be helpful to church staff members. Some of the webcasts have already taken place and were recorded for plan participants to view at their convenience. Some are scheduled for the future, and anyone can register for these webcasts. If you would like to listen to any of the webcasts or pre-register for future webcasts, please visit their calendar page here.

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