Downeast Medal Finals

September 2017

September 14-17, 2017
The 2017 Downeast Medal Finals are completed! We would love your feedback: please email Ginger at .

We already have our first scholarship for 2018 , sponsored by Titan Tired Chain and Custom Welding ! Stay tuned for more details.

*A previous version of this email accidentally omitted the Modified Junior Medal Final results. Our apologies!
2017 Downeast Medal Finals
The 2017 Downeast Medal Finals is in the books and a wonderful time was had by all! The weather was perfect for the ninth annual Downeast Medal Finals held at the Skowhegan Fairgrounds in Skowhegan, Maine. The fabulous weather, the beautiful ring with gorgeous jumps, and a terrific group of exhibitors all came together for an amazing horse show. Choruses of “I can’t wait for next year,” “we will definitely be back,” and “best final I have ever been to!” were heard all around the grounds.

From the welcoming staff to the efficient jump crew, the show ran smoothly from start to finish. Everyone enjoyed the complimentary exhibitors’ party Friday during the Team Challenge and the Ice Cream Social during the Pro/Am class on Saturday. Once again, there was a high point Maine Rider for both the American National/Farm Family and Mason Dixon Memorial Derbies. New for this year was an award for an overall high Point Maine Rider and Summer Pilley of Belfast, Maine took home the beautiful bridle donated by CWD. As show manager Scott Laffey said, “without the generous support of our sponsors we would not be able to provide so much for our exhibitors.”

DMF offers something for riders of all levels. Classes range from Lead Line all the way to Junior Equitation. There are Short Stirrup and Long Stirrup divisions (Adults Included), a Mini Medal and regular Adult divisions. Juniors have the opportunity to showcase their knowledge as well as their riding skills in the Horsemanship Challenge.

With our on-site tack shop Hemphill’s, on-site veterinary services by New England Equine Surgical and Medical Center, on-site farrier services, and hotels, cottages, and restaurants within walking distance, DMF feels more like a staycation! Did we mention we are in Vacationland?

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DMF Results

Walk Trot Poles Medal Final 1. Sami Kettaneh, 2. Eleanor Baylon, 3. Elle McDaniel, 4. Sidone Abren, 5. Victoria Koron, 6. Autumn Lister, 7. Lily Constantine, 8. Katie Hardingham, 9. Lucia Peavey, 10. Casey Dunne.
Short Stirrup Equitation Medal Final 1. Willa Lyons, 2. Katie Plaisted, 3. Lulu Carney, 4. Murphy Langevin, 5. Nevaeh Smeeton-Cormier, 6. Isla Barmby, 7. Lyla Richardson, 8. Ani McIntyre, 9. Olivia Herr, 10. Madisyn Stewart, 11. Sylvia Lee, 12. Alexia Hopkins.
Long Stirrup Equitation Medal Final 1. Sarah Bassett, 2. Greta Buttignol, 3. Adeline Keeley, 4. Olivia Lindo, 5. Serena Blasius, 6. Sarah Small, 7. Amanda Deering, 8. Hailey Mariano, 9. Grace Keenan, 10. Garrett Nichols.
Modified Junior Medal Final 1. Charlotte Pearsall, 2. Julia Vinci, 3. Sara Plaisted, 4. Lainey Rockacy, 5. Jenna Vinci, 6. Lily Sukeforth, 7. Alexa Newcomb, 8. Cate Weiss, 9. Anna Leighton, 10. Ashley Ginter, 11. Lindsay Wright, 12. Cheyenne Roy.
Mini Medal Final 1. Emma Albertini, 2. Kristin Palmer, 3. Summer Pilley, 4. Isabel Kesselhaut, 5. Jillian Spencer, 6. Allie Ferland, 7. Reece McGlew.
Modified Adult Medal Final 1. Lily Baker, 2. Courtney Snay, 3. Jessica Douglas, 4. Kara MacDonald, 5. Abby Crowell, 6. Mary O’Brien, 7. Lacehana Munroe, 8. Betsy Cetron, 9. Victoria Johnson, 10. Pamela Phelan, 11. Kristen Kaiser, 12. Elisabeth Bean.
Amateur Adult Medal Final 1. Monika Calitri, 2. Jennifer Cunio, 3. Mariah Wright, 4. Anne C. Roberts, 5. Kristen Wesoja, 6. Amy Miller, 7. Lizzie Dutton, 8. Nicolle Buckley, 9. Kaitlin Dyer, 10. Heather Reid.
Junior Equitation Medal Final 1. Eva Bernstein, 2. Shavonne Farrell, 3. Celia Caron, 4. Katherine Austin, 5. Jordan Wicklund, 6. Isabel Breakey, 7. Hayleigh B. Gambino, 8. Amira Kettaneh, 9. Kara Fortier, 10. Eliza Whisenant, 11. Alicia Reynolds.
American National/Farm Family Derby Champion: Stella Luna owned by Sharon McCarthy, Reserve: Windsor owned by Julia Segalot.
Mason Dixon Memorial Derby Champion: Cha-Ching ridden by Anne C. Roberts, Reserve: Locatelli ridden by Rachel Carney.
Horsemanship Challenge (12 & under) 1. Lilly Leonhard, 2. Katie Plaisted, 3. Amira Kettaneh, 4. Murphy Langevin, 5. Kristin Palmer.
Horsemanship Challenge (13-17) 1. Emma Albertini, 2. Serena Blasius, 3. Charlotte Pearsall, 4. Jillian Spencer, 5. Greta Buttignol.
NEHC Open Pleasure Champion: Sunny Days ridden by Summer Pilley, Reserve: Little Magic ridden by Ani McIntyre.
Children’s Hunter Champion: Forbes owned by Eva Bernstein, Reserve: Rockabilly owned by Jordan Wicklund.
Am Adult Hunter Champion: Cha-Ching owned by Anne C. Roberts, Reserve: Finnigan owned by Sara Plaisted.
Open Hunter Champions: Locatelli owned by Isabel Hall/Abby Crowell, Finnigan owned by Sara Plaisted, Oh So Smooth owned by Mary O’Brien.
Modified Jr Hunter Champion: Starbuck owned by Molly Cikacz, Reserve: Windsor owned by Julia Segalot.
Modified Adult Hunter Champion: Atlantis owned by Karen Stamieszkin, Reserve: Another Tiger Lilly owned by Janna Flynn.
Walk Trot Equitation Champion: Sami Kettaneh, Reserve: Eleanor Baylon.
Short Stirrup Equitation Champion: Willa Lyons, Reserve: Katie Plaisted.
Lead Line Champion: Ryen McDaniel, Reserve: Corinne Dunne.
Children’s Equitation Champion: Allie Ferland, Reserve: Emma Albertini.
Junior Equitation Champion: Eva Bernstein, Reserve: Amira Kettaneh.
Long Stirrup Equitation Champion: Sarah Bassett, Reserve: Adeline Keeley.
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