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Giving the children of Ukraine hope!
End of Year Report

2017 End of Year Report

In the January 2017 newsletter we shared our goals for the new year with you. We are thrilled that we met all but one. Here is what we did:

Our Massage Therapy Program provided therapeutic massage treatments for 271 children in 2017. We have programs in four cities and one village. Nine massage therapists share their skills and loving hearts with these 271 children.

Chornomorsk Massage Therapists

Tanya                                                               Ira    



Dobromel Massage Therapists
Natalia                                                   Paul
Marganets Massage Therapist

Veleeky Lubin Massage Therapist

Mykolaiv Massage Therapists

Anya                                             Oksana

Improving Education in village schools increased with three more schools across Ukraine. Five schools now receive your help to improve the quality of education. Can you imagine the magnitude of change that better education can have on a child! Your contributions inspired 550 children to take a new interest in education, in their own lives.

Migovo  -  computers                   Shostakovo - Physics

Ternava - Computer Tablets       Maksimovka - Chemistry

Dobromel Orphanage

Construction Education                   Computer Instruction


Do you remember the four students in the Transportation Scholarship Program? They are doing well, advancing in the studies of education, music, and communications.

Our Clothing Program was the original mission of MUCH. Did you know that Mark began the clothing program at the Marganets Orphanage two years before Mission Ukraine Children's Hope was created. We have 12 years of historic help for the 156 children of that orphanage.

Last year, 2017, your contributions helped clothe 45 children in two organizations. The Marganets School #3 has 15 children from poor homes. The Transition Home has 30 children who are waiting for 9 months to see where they will spend the rest of their youth.

Marganets School #3                   Marganets Transition Home

We wanted to add one more massage therapist, but did not have the month-to-month funding to do so. If MUCH had four new sponsors who gave a monthly contribution of $20, we could provide massage therapy, for 4 children a month in Ovidiopol, the goal that didn't blossom in 2017.

From all of us in Ukraine, and the MUCH Board of Directors in America, we say,

Thank you!

Blessings of love and healing,

Mark and Sveta