Fall Newsletter 2017

President's Message
by Michele Vass

Hello Friends!

What a busy summer it has been! I would like to begin by thanking all of our members who called, emailed, and visited our County Supervisors before the June preliminary budget meeting. The Supervisors were appreciative of the efforts that all of the Friends groups had engaged in to advocate for our libraries. They unanimously approved Library Director Mary George's request for a one-time restoration of library materials funding in the amount of $225,000 and on-going library services stabilization funding of $820,000.

While this is a one-time allocation, talks are underway among the Placer County Friends groups as to how we can help make this a permanent increase. Kudos to Mary and all of her staff for their efforts to make our libraries worth fighting for!

This bit of budgetary good news however does not allow for the restoration of Monday hours at any library location. With that in mind, the Rocklin Friends partnered up with the Rocklin Police Department to offer a once a month "Story Time at the Station," on Mondays. These events saw upwards of 60 children and their parents flock to the police station to meet our K9 Officer, Condor, participate in safety lessons, get tours of the station, and of course, hear lots of stories!

Story Time at the Station

Children got to ask questions of officers, get quizzed about emergencies, and take home some awesome coloring books. Events like these provide further proof that there is a need for educational, fun, and safe programming in our community. The Police Department enjoyed these events so much, we are working on a Monday afternoon story time to begin in October!

Our summer fun concluded with our first ever Children's Author Event that took place at Springview Hall on August 19th. We hosted Rocklin author Marc Schmatjen and author/illustrator Laurie Barrows. Both authors read their books to the children in attendance and engaged with them in question and answer settings. Our friends with Lend-A-Heart were quite popular letting the kids practice their reading with the dogs.

Parents and grandparents were seen scooping up some autographed copies of our authors' books to share with their families for years to come. Thank you to the City of Rocklin for supporting this event and to all of our committee members and day of volunteers. Without your commitment to our group and your love of our community, things like this would not be possible.
Lend a Heart - Kids Reading to the Dogs

Laurie Barrows reading to the kids

Marc Schmatjen reading to the kids

In closing, I would like to remind our members that we are accepting nominations for our 2018 Board of Directors! If you would like to serve as President, Vice-President, Secretary, or Treasurer, now is your chance.

Thank you for supporting our Rocklin Library.  

The Friend's meet again on September 12 and November 14 in the Community Room at the library.  We'd love to see you there!

That's a Wrap-Up, Folks!

By Kathryn Cantwell-Cole, Youth Services Librarian

Can you believe it? Summer is almost over! And with the end of summer, so ends our summer learning program for the year. While we still have a few logs trickling in during August, I am confident in saying that this was an incredible summer at the Rocklin Library.

If you have been in the library this summer (which I know most, if not all of you have) you may have seen me running around lugging around various odds and ends of materials or reworking the marble run on the summer display. There was a method to the madness, and it all boils down to offering the best in summer programming. This was my first year actually planning a summer program, so of course I plowed full steam ahead with 13 events, 8 in-library activities and weekly Saturday movie showings. Combined, we had a 40% increase in program attendance over last year! Wild Things!, a local conservation program and library event staple, had a record 410 attendees (up 51%). This year's performance of the Three Little Pigs by Puppet Art Theater Co. brought in 170 attendees, which has not been done by a non-Wild Things! event in several years. Even our other vendor programs, Sacramento Taiko Dan and Mad Science nearly had 100 attendees each. Even our in-library programs (Awesomely Bad Art, Board Game Bonanza, Clothespin Construction, and Forts! Forts! Forts!) brought in another 200 people. Thanks to those of you who donated sheets to Forts! Forts! Forts!; it was our highest in-library program with 84 attendees!

Of course, my personal favorite was Messy Baby Sensory Play for babies 0-24 months old. Six different stations allowed babies and their caregivers to explore different types of sensory elements including noise makers, coloring with crayons, sensory blocks & bottles, water play, paper play, and the messiest of all: the squishy station. We had 71 people turn out between two monthly sessions, several being repeat attendees. For families new to the library, this program also worked well as a promotion for Wee Read Baby Lapsit story time; multiple families joined this story time after coming to Messy Baby this summer.

Finally, the finale. This year, we decided to change our finale by offering it as a special after-hours event in the library. This event was exclusive to Readers who had completed their logs, earning them a Golden Ticket for entrance to any/all of 6 super-secret grand finales offered by Placer County Library. Their tickets allowed them to bring their family and a friend as well. Rocklin's event, held on August 4th, lived up to its name as the Rule Breaker Finale! Between the Obstacle Course, Drop Zone, Screaming Corner, and Dance Party, children and adults alike relished in being able to destroy the stereotypical "quiet library" image. Our obstacle course featured live ivy, hula-hoops of fire, balloon and CD barricades, and a "death-defying" walk across a plank floating in an "ocean" infested with sharks and other creatures. The Drop Zone took to the skies with parachutes, paper planes, and target practice, while Craft-o-Rama offered three different paper projects so attendees could take a break from the hustle and bustle. We turned the community room into the ultimate dance party: blacklights, bubbles, balloons, and roof-raising popular beats deejayed by yours truly. The picture book area housed our Book-o-lympics where attendees could build a domino rally of books, or take a turn at our bean-bag book toss. All attendees were also invited to take a selfie with our Giant Golden Ticket at the Golden Ticket Finalist Selfie Station. At the end of the night, a slew of Awesomes and Thank Yous were issued as the 200 attendees left happy and accomplished that they had broken all of the rules of the library.

Other interesting information:

Sign-ups: This year, we increased our overall number of signups by over 12%! The largest increase was the Adult categories with an increase of 34%. Even the Teen and Reader categories showed an impressive increase of 14% and 13%, respectively. By the end of the program, over 25% of participants completed their logs, an increase from the previous year.

Finishers: The highest category was Pre-Readers with a nearly half of all participants finishing their logs! Thank you to all of you who signed up and finished your logs!

What to do now? Start planning for next year, of course!

Awesome Bad Art
Wild Things
Golden Ticket Event

Blessings continue to pour into our book store

by Gloria Beverage Bookstore Coordinator

In fact, we have received so many books this summer that we decided to hold half-off sales on several genres. Last month we added a second 50-cent cart featuring fiction books. Watch the store for other special sales over the next few months.

It's possible those half-off sales contributed to the high volume of this summer's income. Sales for May, June and July have totaled $2,444.71. That brings our year to date total to $5,615.91 - just over halfway to our goal of $10,000 in sales for 2017.

For a variety of reasons, we made the decision to cancel the August surplus book sale and restructure the hours for the Oct. 7 and Dec. 2 events. We will no longer hold a preview sale on Friday night. Instead, the sale will open to members at 9 a.m. followed by the public sale from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Prices will remain the same. Members can fill a bag for $2 during the preview hour, while book lovers will pay $5 to fill a bag during the remainder of the sale.

Two new volunteers have been trained and are ready to pitch in. Please join me in welcoming Roberta Bergeron and Valerie Bouchard to the bookstore team. If their schedules permit, both will be at our September meeting.

Eve Wise may have found another volunteer, who is interested in helping sell some of our better books on eBay. That would be a great big blessing!

Thanks to everyone who contributes to the success of our bookstore and surplus book sales. If you have any thoughts or suggestions for improving the bookstore or the surplus book sales, call me (799-7783) or send me an email (glorybtoyou@gmail.com).

 Mark Your Calendar - Surplus Book Sales

New Format - Saturday Only
Oct  7
Dec 2

Members only from 9 - 10 am
$2 Bag 

Open to the Public
10am - 2pm Open to Public
$5 Bag
You can become a member at


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