The Annual Meeting of EPWPCOA's Scholarship Committee was called to order by Vice-Chair Tom Cicippio on May 24, 2017. Also in attendance were Larry Fair, Jake Rainwater, Christina Crawford and Jim Kern.

In 2017, the following people received scholarships from EPWPCOA. The total amount of award recommendations is $18,000. Congratulations to all!

Ronald Krauss
Evan Fertich
Hunter McRee
Christopher Volpe
Logan Pennypacker
David Wisser
Nicholas Volk
Taylor Endres
Madelyn Miller
Michael O'Brien

In addition, $2,100.00 was sent to 3 colleges for scholarships in their wastewater programs.  

The 2018 scholarship applications are available on the  EPWPCOA website, and will be mailed out in the beginning of the new year.

EPWPCOA hosted our September meeting on the 15th at the Upper Moreland-Hatboro Joint Sewer Authority facility in Willow Grove, PA. The hot, sunny day kicked off with tours of the newly-upgraded and improved treatment plant and an exhibit with all of our wonderful vendors.

The Upper Moreland-Hatboro Joint Sewer Authority (UMHJSA) is an advanced biological treatment system that recently installed a Schwing Screw Press for dewatering sludge prior to thermally treating it in a 5-hearth incinerator. The orginal plant was constructed in 1931 and the main plant was constructed in 1954. followed by expansion in 1974, and upgraded in 1989 to a single-stage nitrification facility rated at 6.416 million gallons per day (MGD). The total plant is rated at 7.189 MGD. UMHJSA currently serves an equivalent population of around 65,000 people (over 10,000 customers). UMHJSA services the Borough of Hatboro and Upper Moreland Township as well as portions of Horsham, Upper Dublin, Warminster Townships and Bryn Athyn Borough.

The upgraded plant features a new screw press, which has increased sludge cake solids prior to onsite incineration from roughly 16% to 25%, ultimately improving the process and reducing gas consumption. The plant also includes upgraded Trojan UV disinfection system, new PLC-controlled, energy-efficient blowers, VFDs on key monitors, effluent pump station for flooding conditions, emergency generator and a PAC chemical feed system to address phosphorous removal. Also, their recent LED lighting upgrades have improved operator safety and is projected to save over $14,000/year in electricity and has qualified UMHJSA to receive PECO Smart Ideas incentive funds. Great job, UMHJSA!

Future plans for the plant include upgrading headworks/grit channel and improving odor control, which will involve removal of  three (3) wet-scrubber towers and odor treatment through thermal oxidation or in aeration tanks.

We also had some great presentations at the mini-training sessions throughout the day, including one by Eric Wanstrom of Schwing Bioset and Ed Zalewski of Sherwood Logan on the Schwing screw press sludge-dewatering system. Energy Savings ideas were also discussed by PECO Smart Ideas. The presentation of the day was given by Eric Lindhult of UMHJSA, which focused on re-evaluating plant operations and finding changes in practices to save money on natural  gas and electric costs. Thanks to all of you!

Following the exhibit, tours, and training sessions, the entire crew traveled down the road for the Business Meeting and a feast at the beautiful Huntingdon Valley Country Club.

A special thanks to Kappe Associates, our mailing sponsors, Environmental Engineering & Management Associates, Inc. for sponsoring the continental breakfast, and Schwing Bioset and Sherwood Logan & Associates for sponsoring lunch.

YP COMMITTEE EVENT- John F. Martin Pretreatment TourYP

On Friday, September 22, 2017, the Young Professionals Committee of EPWPCOA hosted another great event which took place at the John F. Martin Pretreatment Plant in Womelsdorf, PA.

The day included two tours; starting with a tour of the Pretreatment plant, followed by a tour of the Womelsdorf Wastewater Treatment Plant. The pretreatment facilities were designed by ARRO from 2014-2017 to address the need for wastewater pretreatment from the new meat-processing facility in Womelsdorf, which sends pretreated flow to the Womelsdorf Sewer Authority's WWTP. ARRO's services included preparation of a feasibility study, design of the proposed facilities and construction engineering and management.


Presenters included Matthew D. Warfel, P.E., and Kelly Brenner, E.I.T., LO of ARRO Engineering who discussed the specific challenges in the study and design phases of the project. Some of these included characterizing the waste stream, identifying and evaluating treatment alternatives, representing  JFM in negotiations with the Authority, establishing effective treatment criteria and managing sanitary sewage flows from the facility. They also overcame the challenge of working with the existing infrastructure.
Following Matthew and Kelly, we welcomed Dave Lounsbury,. P.E., of Envirep/TLC. He discussed the pre-equalization, aqua aerobics sequencing batch reactor, post-equalization and aerobic digester equipment utilized in the design and construction of the plant.
Joe Dougherty of Wickersham Construction next explained the construction phases of the pretreatment plant. He described the overall construction, timeline and particular challenges that were encountered throughout the process.
A special Thank You to all of the presenters for educating all who participated. Attendees who were present at this conference received two contact hours for Wastewater.


EPWPCOA would also like to thank our breakfast and lunch sponsors- Great Valley Consultants and Suburban Testing Labs who provided our meals from Ozgood's Bar & Grill in Robesonia.





October,13 2017 was a cold and damp day, however; it was also a day that will be remembered and cherished by those who dedicate their lives to wastewater. That's right - it was the 10th Annual EPWPCOA Golf Tournament. 

At 8 a.m., dozens of eager golfers started to overflow the entrance hall of the Heidelberg Country Club in Bernville, PA. With raffle tickets in hand and hotdogs in mouths (Who said 8:30 is too early for a hotdog?), the golfers dispersed to their holes and anticipated tee-off. Though conditions were soggier than ideal, a great time for all golfers and attendees ensued.

The Winners for the 2017 Tournament were:
1st Place -  Marc Miller, Kelly Patton, Bryon Killian and Brian Pokropsky
2nd Place - Doug Miller, Steve Bowers, Matt Milewski and Lucky Yerkes
3rd Place - Brad Griffiths, Jason Coyle, Bob Pyrz and Matt Heck

Bryon Killian and Marc Miller

Doug Miller, Steve Bowers, Matt Milewski, Lucky Yerkes
Matt Heck, Bob Pyrz, Jason Coyle and Brad Griffiths

November already? My year as E.P.W.P.C.O.A. President has come to an end, and yes time does fly when you're having fun. I have really enjoyed my 3 years of going through the chairs of the association.
I have worked with a lot of great people and have witnessed all the hard work that goes into making this association work. Vendors, what can I say. The association has such an awesome group of vendors that help our association grow.
Without them we would not be able to do some of the great things we do. Thank You!!
Committee chairs and committee members, if you are not involved in one of the association committees, you are missing a great networking opportunity. People on our committees, work hard and do make a difference. Thank You!!
Marykay- every question I have ever asked, she has always had the answer or can get the answer in less than 5 minutes. We are so fortunate to have Marykay as our Executive Director. Thank You!!
My request to you is, if you are not involved in the inner workings of the association, find a way to get involved. If you are involved, please stay involved, your input is appreciated!
Thank You,

Dale Miller

If you know of money-saving solutions to costly plant challenges and would like to share your experience with others in the industry, please feel free to reach out to us at epwpcoa@ptd.net. We would be happy to highlight your story in one of our upcoming newsletter issues!

A list of members who have recently passed away is listed on our website under  Members in Memory . The Association is saddened by their passing and wishes to express sympathy to their family and friends. If you have any information on members recently deceased please forward it to the Association office.


2018 EPWPCOA events will be on the website soon!
Thank you for reading, and  thank you to everyone who submitted photos for this edition of the Newsletter.


Marykay Steinman , Executive Director
Dale Miller, 2017 President
David Kershner, 2018 President
Eastern Pennsylvania Water Pollution Control Operators Association