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New Markets for 2017
Check out the new markets we've added to our schedule this year! We're especially excited to have the opportunity to extend our market season
into December with the Silver Spring Market and Burke Farmers Market.

We had a great opening day at the
Silver Spring Farmers Market last Saturday, April 1 and are looking forward to being in attendance from 9 am to 1 pm every Saturday through Dec. 30. The Silver Spring Market is organized and managed by FreshFarm Markets. The market has been around since 2005, but we are a new vendor this year due to a recent expansion in the market space available for vendors. 

We are looking forward to the opening day at the Burke Farmers Market on Saturday, April 29. The market is held in the Burke VRE parking lot every Saturday through December 16 from 8 am to noon. The Burke Market is organized and managed by the Fairfax County Park Authority.  

Finally, we will be attending a brand new market that FreshFarm Markets will be managing located in the SouthEast section of DC. The Capitol Riverfront Market will open on Sunday, May 7 and run through September 24. The market hours are 10 am to 2 pm, and we understand that there will be a Beer and Wine Garden opening in collaboration with the market.  It will certainly be the first market we've ever attended that you can drink beer while shopping for fruit!

2017 Market Schedule
Crystal Dr. between 18th & 20th Sts., Arlington, VA
Tues | 3pm - 7pm
Apr 4 - Nov 21

Oakmarr RECenter Jermantown Rd. Oaktan, VA
Wed | 8am - noon
May 3 - Nov 22

Wakefield Park, 8100 Braddock Rd, Annadale, VA
Wed | 2pm - 6pm
May 3 - Oct 25

810 Vermont Ave, NW DC
Thurs| 11am - 2pm
April 6 - Nov 16

301 Center St. S, Faith Baptist Church Parking Lot, Vienna, VA
Sat | 8am - noon
May 6 - Oct 28

New Market!
VRE Parking Lot, 5671 Roberts Parkway, Burke, VA
Sat | 8am - noon
April 29 - Dec 16

Reeves Center, Corner of 14th & U Sts., NW DC
Sat | 9am - 1pm
May 6 - Nov 18

9th St. NW between  Upshur & Taylor Sts., DC
Sat | 9am - 1pm
May 6 - Nov 18

New Market!
911 Ellsworth Dr., Silver Spring, MD
Sat | 9am - 1pm
April 1 - Dec 30

VRE Parking Lot, 8990 Lorton Station Blvd, Lorton, VA
Sun | 9am - 1pm
May 7 - Nov 12

Fairlington Community Center, 3308 S. Stafford St, Arlington, VA
Sun | 9am - 1pm
May 7 - Nov 19

48th Place, NW at MacArthur Blvd, DC
Sun | 9 am - 1pm
Year Round

New Market!
1101 Second St., SE, DC
Sun | 10 am - 2pm
May 7 - Sept 24
Saying Goodbye to Fairfax Farmers Market
Sometimes we have to make the hard decision to leave a farmers market. We don't take the decision lightly, because we've grown to love the customers who shop with us each week. But when evaluating our market schedule from a business standpoint, there are times when we realize that it no longer makes financial sense to continue to attend a market.
So it is with heavy hearts that we made the decision that we would not return to the Fairfax Community Farmers Market on Saturdays this year. It is especially hard to say goodbye to the Fairfax Market since it is the oldest market we have ever attended, and that means we have really forged a bond with the customers there. 

However, when running a business, you must look at the financial side of things first and foremost. And our sales at the Fairfax market have been declining over the past five years, especially after the Sunday market started up in the same parking lot location. Plus, we have always had mixed feelings about attending the Fairfax Market since it is not "Grower-Only", meaning that the vendors can buy produce they did not grow themselves and resell it at the market.
We believe very strongly in only selling what we grow, and feel that leaving the Fairfax Market in order to attend a "Grower Only" market is the right move to make at this time. Thank you to the all the loyal Fairfax customers who shopped with us over the many, many years, we will miss you! And we hope that we might see some of you at one of our other nearby markets: 
Oakmarr Farmers Market on Wednesdays
Vienna Farmers Market on Saturdays
Burke Farmers Market on Saturdays