Bootheel 7/Hageman Ranch Wins the 2017 Farstad Oil Ranch Rodeo Finals at the NILE
Billings, MT--The Bootheel 7/Hageman Ranch team from the Lusk, Wyoming area won the 2017 Farstad Oil Ranch Rodeo Finals at the NILE last night.

The team members are Andrew Wasserburger, Eric Wasserburger, Brett Hageman, Lane Hageman and Lance Hladky.

At the end of the night they had the high score of 41 points. They were third in the bronc riding, third in team trailering, second in branding, first place in doctoring and fifth place in wild cow milking.

Lance Hladky rode in the bronc riding for the Bootheel 7/Hageman Ranch team earning a 76 point score.

Coming in second by only one point, the Maxwell Butte team had 40 points. The were only a few teams that earned points in all five events. Maxwell Butte has Lane Krutzfeldt, Jake Goddard, Alec Haughian, and John Henry Beardsley on the team. Alec Haughian rodeo earned second place in the bronc riding with an 81 point ride. The team came up sixth in trailering, third in both branding and doctoring and took home first place in Wild Cow Milking.

The broncs from Powder River Rodeo were a tough pen, but produces some really great, memorable rides. The top bronc rider was Guy Simaton representing the Olsen Grain & Livestock team. He rode for an 83 point score. Followed by him was Alec Haughian from Maxwell Butte. The third place score was 76 points from the Bootheel 7/Hageman Ranch. Fork U Cattle Company had Wayne DeWitt climb on top a bronc and eanred them fourth place with a 72 point ride.
Guy Simaton won the Top Bronc Award sponsored by Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame.
Several if not all of the horses used in last night's ranch rodeo were exceptional. Each team gets to nominate two horses to be considered for the Top Horse Award. A cowboy relies on their horse heavily so it't important to have a good one. This award is prestigious for the rider to be able to prove that their horse is indeed the best. Winning the 2017 Top Horse Award is Big Iron, a tenacious 10-year-old grey mare, an own daughter of Paddys Irish Whiskey. KC Verhelst from the S Ranch owns Big Iron and accepted the specialty spurs given as the award.
As Will Rasmussen, the announcer said "sometimes the best cowboys are girls." It was true last night, the S Ranch also swept up the Top Hand award with Sarah Verhelst. She was sharp, spry and handy with a rope. Sarah won a beautiful custom made saddle from Connolly's for her skills and performance.

Third place overall was Reid Ranch, followed by S Ranch in fourth place. Fifth place was Broken Arrow/Hanson Livestock. Sixth place went to Fork U Cattle Company. The 406 Cartel won seventh place, followed by Olsen Grain & Livestock in eighth, and Sand Creek Cattle. Tenth place was a tie, but with a better bronc score to break the tie, Cow Camp Supply earned that spot. Circle B was eleventh. Twelfth place went Four Three/FX Bar Ranch earning them the Hard Luck award--silk scarves from Wild Rags by Lois.

Overall it was a great night, with superb exhibition of talent and teamwork.
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October 14-21, 2017