Hot Topic - Mechatronics
Who Will Fix the Robots? 
Hundreds of Mechatronics jobs went unfilled last year and five colleges in western Washington aim to rapidly fill the positions through new programs via the TechHire grant.                                      
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Business Focus - Silicon Forest Electronics
Manufacturing Trends for Washington Company
Silicon Forest Electronics: 2017 Forecasts, Threats and Growth Trends. 

Educational Focus - Minds-i Robotics
Students Getting True Engineering Experience with Minds-i Robotics

Trends in Education: Robotics work is dominating the educational landscape as it gives students the hands-on work needed to work after graduation.                                    
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Technology Focus - Look up! 
Look Up!
The fall 2016 Washington UAS Conference provided insight into new technology issues.

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New Website & Functions for COE
The aerospace industry is experiencing exciting times. We have launched a new website to reflect the changing technologies. 

  • New job postings for industry - interactive 
  • New ways to view and hire recent graduates from our community and technical colleges
  • New industry trend listings - types of jobs available and salaries 
  • New content to drive more people to learn about the aerospace and advanced manufacturing industry in Washington
Success Story - Education to Industry
Student at Wenatchee Valley College goes to Amazon 
Liang Chen (Lan) says that it wasn't easy, but he persevered to graduate in Industrial Electronics and now works at Amazon - a dream come true.                                                  
You can do it too! 
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