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LA Urban Sahavas

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Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California


1214 South Van Ness Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90019


At the 2017 Urban Sahavas

 This Year's Sahavas theme:
"True Love is no game of the faint-hearted and the weak;
it is born of strength and understanding."
  Avatar Meher Baba
(Sparks from Meher Baba)
 This year, we will enjoy the companionship and stories of
Special Guest Speaker
Raj Prem Khilnani 
[at the Meher Spiritual Center, 2010]

the company and wonderful music of 
Special Guest Musician 
Jim Meyer
[at Meherabode in LA, 2013]

This Year's Sahavas Special Guests

Guest Speaker

We are pleased to announce that Raj Prem Khilnani (who hails from a family of Baba-lovers and first met Meher Baba as a young man) will travel all the way from Bangalore to be our special guest speaker this year.

[Raj Prem Khilnani ]
Raj's father Prem first learned of Baba in the late 1930s from his uncle. Then one day Prem happened to encounter Baba's disciple Baidul searching for a certain mast. Prem knew the location of the mast and took Baidul to meet him. Years later Prem again ran into Baidul in Pune, and was then put in Meher Baba's direct contact. Prem and his family, including youngster Raj, would visit with Beloved Baba at Guruprasad in Pune in the 1960s.

Raj toured the US in 2010, giving talks in Myrtle Beach, Los Angeles, and elsewhere. We are delighted to welcome Raj back, this time as our featured Sahavas guest speaker.  Raj has many amazing Baba stories to tell!

Guest Musician

We are also happy to welcome  Jim Meyer, the superb songster for Beloved Baba.

[Jim Meyer]
For 50 years now, Jim Meyer has been singing and recording music devoted to Baba, often performing at Baba functions world-wide. In December, 1968, Meher Baba designated Jim as one of His "chief young lover workers" in the USA and England.  Jim has recorded several CDs, and he provided the music on two superb Baba meditation DVDs (in collaboration with filmmaker Bob Fredericks), You Alone Exist and Names of Love .

A former caretaker and nightwatchman at Meher Spiritual Center (Myrtle Beach, S. Carolina), Jim  currently resides in Spruce Pine, N. Carolina where he paints, writes music, and designs/builds musical instruments.

We look forward to hearing Jim's resonant voice & music again. 

Come enjoy this intimate gathering with Raj, Jim, and Baba-lovers from near and far, in the quietude at Meherabode.

Space is limited, so register early.

The registration form is HERE.

Sahavas Activities

  • A medley of words & music in celebration of the Ancient One, Meher Baba
  • A sharing of stories, meals, songs, prayers, poems, and companionship
  • Free snacks in the Reception Room; also enjoy the Greenhouse where you can relax and chat with friends, old and new
  • Visit our Bookstore, Meher Baba Books, the largest of its kind in the world
  • Sacred Dhuni Fire
  • Gourmet meals served al fresco

Our Sahavas Site:  Meherabode



Meherabode is felt by many to be among the loveliest of Centers devoted to Meher Baba in the United States. It comprises a secluded one-acre property in a residential area a bit south of Hollywood, nestled among mansions from the 1920s with the elegance and style of that period. There is a serene atmosphere and palpable presence of Baba's sweetness amid the lovely gardens, along the walking paths, and within the cozy meditation chapel (or mandir) called "the Dome" (glimpsed above). Meherabode's large Meeting Hall is the perfect setting for talks; and Meher Baba Books (our bookstore) is nearby (located just through the glass doors). Meherabode also features a little Tea House adjacent the remnant Greenhouse (used for gatherings and refreshments), and a large outdoor area for al fresco dining where you can enjoy the lovely Southern California summer climate.




Please plan your pre-July 4th weekend around this special Sahavas event.


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We look forward to seeing you at the three-day annual LA "Silence Day" Urban Sahavas

beginning Saturday, July 1st!


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