96th District, Virginia House of Delegates                                           January  11, 2017

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Richmond Office 
General Assembly Building
Room 403
P.O. Box 406
Richmond, VA 23218
Phone: 804-698-1096
Fax: 804-786-6310
Legislative Aide
Amanda Johnston
Earlier this week, legislators braved snow and frigid temperatures to begin returning to Richmond for the 2017 General Assembly session. Today brought warmer weather and marked the first day of this year's forty-six day legislative session. During this "short" session, legislators will tweak Virginia's biennial budget, consider thousands of bills, and attend hundreds of meetings. Although legislators are still filing a few last-minute bills, most legislation can now be viewed online at  http://lis.virginia.gov/.
Later tonight, the Governor will offer his State of the Commonwealth address to the members of the House of Delegates and Senate of Virginia. I encourage you to tune in via your local PBS station or view the speech online HERE

Throughout the session, I will provide weekly newsletters via email. The updates will include information about "hot topics" as well as details about the bills I am carrying. Each newsletter will afterward be posted on my website, www.brendapogge.com. A list of my legislation is available HERE.

Additionally, my 2017 Legislative Survey is available online. Please take a moment to share your input on these important issues. The survey is available on my website or by clicking HERE .
I want to hear from you!
If you would like to contact me about any legislative matter, please email DelBPogge@house.virginia.gov. Because I am currently working in Richmond, my phone number is 804-698-1096. As always, I welcome visitors! My office is located in Room 403 of the General Assembly Building in Richmond, and I hope to see you soon.

Delegate Brenda Pogge

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