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Welcome to Nashville, y'all!
by Patrick Bowers

Patrick, Carol, Molly, and Sophie

Five and a half years ago Molly (then 16) made her first trip to Nashville. She came to be part of a Nashville Song Writers International (NSAI) event. NSAI is a songwriters networking, education and lobbying group...Molly will tell you that from her first song, she knew it was what she wanted to do and she'll also say much of her inspiration comes from her   brother Patrick
Patrick, always remembered and deeply loved
and the ability he had to touch the lives of so many people. On that first trip and on every trip after that, Molly received more and more attention and was encouraged to relocate here if she wanted to pursue this as a career. Molly asked if we all would consider a move to Nashville and although there was some thought that went into it, the decision seemed to be an easy one for our family.

         Although it might surprise many newcomers, Nashville also has a lot to offer besides cowboy boots and country music. It truly lives up to its two nicknames. "Music City, USA" might be self explanatory, but many don't know it's other nickname, "The Athens of the South"...

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