CNETS Canada announces the 2017 MAUREEN COLEMAN AWARD recipients on World NET Cancer Day.
The late Maureen Coleman was the Founder and Past-President of CNETS Canada who passed away in 2013 from NET cancer. Maureen was a remarkable woman with great vision, passion and compassion and she made a significant contribution to the NET patient community. In her honour, CNETS Canada established the Maureen Coleman Award. 
This Award recognizes exemplary dedication to the NET patient community and is open to Canadians whose work or dedication has had a significant impact on the NET cancer community, in line with the Mission and Vision of CNETS Canada. 
CNETS Canada sought the input of our community to nominate individuals for this award. The 2017 Maureen Coleman Award goes to two individuals who have embodied the passion and dedication of Maureen Coleman. 
On behalf of the Canadian NET patient community and CNETS Canada, we are delighted to announce  Daniel Opoku  and  Dr. Eric Turcotte  as the recipients of the Fourth Annual Maureen Coleman Award. 
CNETS Canada extends a heartfelt thanks to both Daniel and Dr. Turcotte for being committed, engaged and making a difference in the lives of NET cancer patients. 
Recipient of the 2017 Maureen Coleman Award
Daniel Opoku is a NET patient and dedicated volunteer with CNETS Canada who has had a tremendous impact on the NET community.   Daniel has never turned down an opportunity to share his skills and knowledge with an open, caring and supportive approach.
One of Daniel’s most outstanding characteristics is his friendly, considerate and generous nature, which allows him to excel in role as Montreal Support Group Leader. Daniel saw the need for a NET Support Group in Montreal and became one of the founding members of the group, which now meets bi-monthly, where Daniel and others have taken on the role of Support Group Leaders.
Daniel has organized and moderated patient education sessions/webinars such as the PRRT session with Dr. Francois-Alexandre Buteau and Zebra Chat featuring Sonya Carrie – a NET patient and liver transplant recipient.  Daniel also took on several volunteer responsibilities at the recent CNETS Canada Patient & Caregiver conference in Toronto, Ontario.
Daniel is a prolific attendee of meetings and events where he can challenge himself both mentally and physically. Events such as ‘Wings for Life World Run’, ‘Athletes for Cancer’, Epic Experience and First Descents’. These give Daniel  “a boost to thrive not just survive”. 
Daniel has unselfishly dedicated a great amount of time and expertise to our community and our cause. He embodies the spirit, passion and dedication of the Maureen Coleman Award. Daniel is an intelligent, talented, caring and generous individual who is an inspiration to all who have the pleasure of knowing him. 

Recipient of the 2017 Maureen Coleman Award
Dr. Eric Turcotte is the Principal Investigator for Phase II Study to Measure the Safety of 68 Ga-DOTA-TATE PET/CT (Gallium 68) in the Diagnosis of Tumors Expressing Somatostatin Receptors, Dr. Turcotte has dedicated a tremendous amount of time and effort to bringing this diagnostic to the Canadian NET patient population and has proved himself to be a champion for our community. Under Dr. Turcotte’s leadership his Centre in Sherbrooke, Quebec was the first in Canada  to offer Gallium 68 imaging for NET patients and remains the only centre accepting patients from across the country for the imaging, independent of treatment.  
Dr. Turcotte has worked closely and tirelessly with his nuclear medicine colleagues, CNETS Canada and the Canadian NET patient community to bring this state-of-the-art imaging tool to all NET patients. He has collaborated with CNETS Canada to attempt to secure funding for the Gallium 68 from all provincial and territorial heath authorities across Canada, which continues to be a work in progress.
The Gallium 68 scan is critical to the NET patient population because it provides the patient and the patient’s medical team with a clear and comprehensive high-resolution set of images .
Dr. Eric Turcotte exemplifies the characteristics of leadership, dedication and compassion for the NET patient community and he is a genuine, kind, caring and compassionate patient-oriented specialist.  The Canadian NET patent community is privileged to have Dr. Eric Turcotte and his team working on its behalf. 

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