Happy Holidays NAMI Family
The year 2017 has been a banner year for NAMI San Antonio
The Vision Awards Lunch raised over $50,000 as we honored Kevin Moriarty CEO of Methodist Healthcare Ministries, along with First Presbyterian Church. Board Member Teresa McCaleb served as chair for the most successful Vision Awards Lunch to date.
Over 1,400 people participate in the 2017 NAMIWalks at Morgan's Wonderland during which we raised over $110, 000, an increase of almost 100% in the number of Walkers and a 10% increase in the total funds raised. Board Member Fred Schellenberg did an outstanding job as the NAMIWalks chair and helped us set new records for our Walk.


2017 reached new levels in Education & Outreach
We increase the numbers of:
  • NAMI educational classes by 10%
  • Class graduates by 14%
  • Instructors trained b 40%
  • Law Enforcement Officers Trained by 20%
  • People attending Community Presentations by 60%

In addition, NAMI San Antonio answered over 6,000 phone calls and had over 10,000 Facebook posts, likes or comments shared. Cleary, NAMI San Antonio is making an impact in our community.


2017 Teacher Appreciation Dinner 


We also welcomed five new Board Members during the year.

 Bill Glenn                  Madhu Sridhar           Mike Lozito               Susan Smith             Jim McCann 
 (Retired/Former       (President League      (Directory, Bexar       (Community              (CPA, Board  
 Director of DARS)    of Women Voters of   County Judicial         Volunteer and            Treasurer) 
                                  San Antonio)              Services)                   Advocate)              
In the 2017 Elections for new board members, we elected the following people to  new 
three-year terms:
       Janice Bunch         Siobhan Kiernan
        Administrative &     (LMSW)
        Human Resource                                                  
        Directory, Goodwill                      
        Industries of SA 
One of our Board Members, Andrew Wilson, will be 
leaving the  board after serving as Treasurer 
and as Education Committee Chair over the past three years. Andrew has been a great asset in helping NAMI San Antonio reach its goals.

Since April of this year, Kimaura Oztolaza has been the NAMI San Antonio Director, managing the office and working with the Board of Directors. Verna Lister has continued as the Education Director and Coral Martinez-Cardona has been our NAMIWalks Manger and Communications Coordinator. None of the great accomplishments of 2017 would have been possible without their work.

NAMI is the nation's largest grassroots organization that advocates for families and individuals impacted by a mental illness. All of the good work that NAMI has been able to accomplish has been done by volunteers and our staff. We simply could not have the community impact NAMI is able to generate without the support of the many volunteers who teach NAMI education classes, lead support groups, assist at the NAMIWalks and host events throughout the year. Thank you.


2018 lays ahead of us and we look forward to continuing to meet the challenge of advocating, educating and supporting the families and individuals in our community who are impacted by a mental illness.


Doug Beach

President, Board of Directors

NAMI San Antonio