National Crime Victims Rights Week April 2 - April 8 2017
The right to lay your loved one to rest with respect
The Peace Institute stands in unity with survivors of all kinds of violence. We pray with you for healing, reconciliation, and accountability.

When a person is murdered, the loved ones they leave behind are also victims. Survivors of Homicide Victims have our own unique needs. One of the most immediate needs is paying for our loved one's unexpected funeral and burial costs.

In 2016, the Peace Institute provided more than $50,000 to families who could not otherwise afford cemetery costs through the  Rest in Peace Fund

Under current state law, Survivors of Homicide Victims may be denied Victim Compensation if their loved one "contr ibuted to their own demise." We believe all families of murder victims have a human right to lay their loved one to rest, regardless of the circumstances. Proper funeral and burial is an essential first step in the healing process for families and communities.

Far too many of the families we serve are denied Victim Compensation reimbursement funds for funeral and burial costs. Imagine getting a letter in the mail saying your family isn't worthy of support in your time of greatest need. Denying families of murder victims assistance is punishing them for their loved one's death. 

The Peace Institute crafted legislation to amend victim compensation so that no families of murder victims can be denied reimbursement for modest funeral and burial costs. Representative Evandro Carvalho filed the bill, and Mayor Marty Walsh adopted H.742 as one of his legislative priorities.

In honor of National Crime Victims Rights Week, we ask that you call your elected officials and ask them to support H.742. Thank you for supporting survivors.