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Do you know someone who belongs in the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame? The formal process begins with the Nomination Packet, which will be available for download at www.ormhof.org starting on February 1.  Completed packets are due by April 30.

A voting committee comprised of respected industry professionals will meet in June to select this year's Inductees. The 2017 Inductees will be announced in July, and will be the guests of honor at the 2017 Induction Ceremony on October 30 at the South Point in Las Vegas.  Mark your calendar!
Putting the fun in Funco for three generations. 
ORMHOF caught up with 2007 Inductee Gilmon 'Gil' George, sons Grant and Greg, and grandsons Chad and Garrett at the 2016 SEMA Show.

L-R: Grant, Chad, Gil, Greg and Garrett George at the 2016 SEMA Show.
JennHell Media Group Photo

In 1967, Gil George began fabricating tube framed buggy chassis for the fledgling sport of off-road racing. He called his company Funco, short for "Fun Company." Over the course of the next 15 years, George's Funco chassis was the dominant force in desert racing, winning the coveted title of SCORE Chassis Manufacturer of the Year five times.

Hall of Famer Gil George and Wampuskitty testing for the 1968 Baja 500

Along the way Funco introduced innovations for buggies such as long travel rear suspensions, the first independent rear suspension, the first disc brake systems and developed the "Char-Lynn' power steering system for buggies. In the early 90's Gil partnered with son Grant to create the "Big 5" Buggy, one of the best handling vehicles in the sand car market. In 2016, Funco debut the Flagship F9. 
The Funco Flagship F9 made its debut at Glamis in 2016.

A true family business, there are three generations of the George family in the shop every day working with Gil on what has become the entire family passion. For Gil, it has never been about the money. Whether he is in the shop welding, at home with a scratch pad designing a new steering box or chassis, or out playing in the dunes with the family, he is always thinking about how to make off-road machines faster, better or safer. 

"Funco has it legacy and heritage rooted in the off-road community," says Grant George, "so we feel it is important to support ORMHOF."  

Meet Our Contributors 

ORMHOF's newest board member, Rory Ward, is posting some pretty cool content over on the Hall of Fame Instagram page, like the great Trackside Photo image below from 2016 Hall of Fame inductee Jim Ober. 

Follow @ormhof on Instagram to see more vintage off-road highlights from Rory!

You won't want to miss the posts over on Facebook by our newest contributor Rob Herrington. His Throw Back Thursday features are very popular! Rob is a former racer with access to a great archive of off-road photos and publications.  A big ORMHOF thank you to Rob for sharing with our ORMHOF fans. Be sure to 'Like' Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame on Facebook.
Rob Herrington's Throw Back Thursday posts on the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Facebook page feature great photos, like this one of 2016 ORMHOF Inductee Tracy Valenta's Tracy's Party Ice team Funco driven by Monte Crawford at El Centro Fairgrounds in 1981.

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New Year's Trip with ORMHOF Member Club
The Hills Angels of Northern Nevada  
ORMHOF's Barbara Rainey joined a group from one of our member clubs, the Hills Angels 4x4 Club of Northern Nevada, for a five day trip over New Year's to Southeastern Nevada.
Home base was the tiny house hotel of Windmill Ridge in Alamo, Nevada.

On the road to the abandoned mining district of Delamar.
Delamar is a large mining site, with many ruins to explore.
 Views of the valley from the ridge east of Alamo.
Joshua trees and Scenic Vistas.
 Bald Eagle at the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge.
Cathedral Gorge State Park. The group also went to Kershaw-Ryan State Park, and the Elgin School House Historical Site.
 Exploring the canyons in Cathedral Gorge State Park.
 On the road to the Mount Irish Petroglyph Site.
 Found it! Now to find Pahranagat Man...
 There he is! Do you see him?
 The Mount Irish Petroglyph Site has many excellent panels to explore.
Most of the panels at the Mount Irish Petroglyph Site are marked by Pahranagat Man figures that are numbered, and correspond to descriptions in a self guided tour brochure.

RESOURCES: Hills Angels 4x4 Club of Northern Nevada
Windmill Ridge, Alamo NV 
Nevada State Parks
Mount Irish Petroglyph Site
Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge
Delamar Mining Site/Ghost Town
Thank you to the Hills Angels 4x4 Club  
for supporting the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.  


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