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Family of Networks
Pacific Church Network is part of a larger network of churches, CBGlobal, working around the world to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone. In the USA, we are part of a network called CBAmerica. CBA has 9 networks working together in America, including CBChaplaincy, which is recognized by the US government and has almost 200 endorsed chaplains around the world in our military and civilian fields. Besides CBChaplaincy, other regions are Pacific Church Network, Next Generation Churches, CB Northwest, Southwest Church Connection, Rocky Mountain Church Network, CB North Central, Mission Mid-Atlantic and Mission Northeast. Through CBA, we are part of  a global network of churches called CBGlobal. Churches planted by our sister mission agencies,
WorldVenture and Missions Door, came together in each of their respective countries to work together to transform communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This past month, I had the privilege to represent CBAmerica, along with CB Northwest Executive Director, Mark Hoeffner, at the CBGlobal leadership meetings in Hong Kong.
We heard of 600,000 refugees pouring into Bangladesh and what the churches are doing over there to help. We heard about two 2 church members killed b ecause they converted to Christianity. We heard of struggles and killings by Isis in the Philippines and yet hundreds of baptisms occurring. So many stories, but with plenty of  time to pray, encourage and support one another. God is working around the world, and it is an honor to partner with other national networks. 
Thanks for being part of our family of networks.

Jim Smith
Pacific Church Network 
PCN Pastor and Wife Getaway
November 5-6
Our annual free getaway for our Pacific Church Network lead pastors and wives in Laguna Beach is sold out. For those attending, the evening dessert networking session starts at 7:00 pm at the Laguna Beach Presbyterian Church fellowship hall. You may check into the hotel anytime after 4pm. Questions? Call the PCN office at 909-944-5900.  
Donations for Northern California
42 Dead, 8,400 Structures Burned, More Than $1 Billion in Damage so far. Now that the fires have been almost completely contained and the extent of the damage has become clearer, help is needed to rebuild. Our CB regional partner in northern California is called Next Generation Churches, NextGen Churches is partnering with their churches in Santa Rosa (Spring Hills and Redemption Hill Churches, who are coordinating with FEMA and other local churches) as they serve those affected by this devastation. NextGen has established a fund through which we will assist our churches as they serve their communities. This is the best way to serve their immediate needs. Donate here.
Good Times in Kailua
Our PCN church in Kailua, Oahu, Daybreak Church, was planted in 2014 by Pastor Sean Palmer. After merging with another church, today they are holding two services, have baptized five more people this past summer and are reaching new people all the time. They are reaching 300 in numbers regularly every week and are trying to figure out how to keep even more visitors. New people report they found Daybreak online, which reminds us all of the importance of a good website. Jim Smith took this picture on his recent visit to Daybreak--they have a good time. Aloha.
Reaching People on Guam
Over 6,000 miles west of LA, our PCN church on the island of Guam, Bayview Church, is steadily growing, with 400 regularly attending church every week. Pastor Kevin Elwell reports they have over 100 children in attendance and are looking for a full-time children's ministry director. Kevin also holds Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 6 a.m. cohort classes for men. With 50 percent military and 50 percent locals, they have an exciting ministry on the island. Soon they may start a second service. We are excited about what God is doing through Bayview Church!
Positive Experience at MAN CAMP
Man Camp is over, yet the memories and impact continue. One man wrote, "This was my first Man Camp. It's been a positive, healing, spiritual process for me. I've grown and re-dedicated my life from this experience. Worship was awesome, speakers had great messages, the schedule was good and the food was great. Thanks for all you do!" 
Church Plant in Aiea
Greetings from Aiea! Our PCN church in Aiea, Oahu, Victory Church, was planted in 2015 by Pastor Dane Tokushige. They have a great outreach to the local Hawaiian community and to families. Victory rents space from a local school every Sunday morning, fitting in about 40-60 adults and over a dozen kids. They still are able to have a churchwide lunch after church at Pastor Dane and Liz's home, enjoying some good fellowship and food. Pray for Victory as they continue to reach people for Christ.
Patti Miller with the Lord
Patti Miller, wife of Missions Door President Rick Miller, peacefully passed in her sleep near Tampa, FL, on September 30, 2017. She is now fully healed of her pancreatic cancer that took her earthly life, and is now enjoying her eternal home in heaven with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Rick and Patti were married for 40 years and have 3 sons. Since 1954, Missions Door has been a missions partner of Pacific Church Network. The well attended memorial service was held at  South Fellowship in Littleton, Colorado on October 14, 2017.
International Church in Honolulu
International Church has been in Honolulu since 1966, founded by Dr. James Cook. In February 2016, Pastor Scott Custer, started as senior pastor. He and his wife, Fiona, have four young daughters. Fiona recently started directing their childcare ministries, and in 2017, they have seen their childcare grow from 3 kids to 17! Scott and Fiona are seeing steady growth in their church. They are still updating some things at church since their flood and are looking to upgrade other areas. We are excited to partner with them.
Housing Allowance Attacks
In case you've heard rumors or read about the clergy housing allowance being under  attack again, we'd like to remind everyone that this isn't anything new. Anti-religious groups have been challenging housing benefits for decades. The last time we talked about it was four years ago.  While not everyone at the Treasury and Justice Department loves the clergy housing allowance, they still vigorously defend it against constitutional challenges. We don't anticipate a status change but if it ever looks like one is coming, we'll be in touch with suggestions and news.  For now, let's remember that it wasn't too long ago that housing allowance was signed into law anew by the President with a unanimous vote from Congress and the House of Representatives after a very arduous and lengthy court process. (Clergy Advantage)
Pacific Church Network - MAN CAMP 2017 [Teaser] 
Pacific Church Network - MAN CAMP 2017
Quality Video Resource
Church Visions is a Faith-based production company that provides high-end media content at nonprofit prices. They attended MAN CAMP this year to film a fantastic sample of what they can do for churches. Weekly Sermon Highlights: $200 per week. Church Video Announcements: $200 per week. Church Event Promos: $500. Church Event Filming: $850. Church Welcome Video: $850. Also, if anyone is interested in a longer version of the 2017 Pine Summit Men's retreat video, contact them here: https://www.churchvisions.com/ or email: info@churchvisions.com or phone: 949-478-3264.
Last-minute Rush for Retreat
PCN's Spanish Men's Retreat had 144 men up at Pine Summit for their fall weekend retreat. Four weeks ago, they had only 25 men registered to attend! Emilio Nunez and the other leaders were thrilled for the last-minute registration and hope next year's will  be sooner. The retreat was a memorable and encouraging weekend for all who attended. Thanks to Rolman Mazariegos, Jesus Rubio, Walter Reguerin, Frank Rios, Mario Alfaro and other volunteers for their hard work in making this retreat a valuable experience.
Bill Hybels to retire October 2018
Two Willow Creek pastoral staff members will co-pastor after Bill leaves. Steve  Carter, a staff member since 2013 and a father of two, is a graduate of Hope International University. He previously served at Rock Harbor Church in California and Mars Hill Bible Church in Michigan. He will be the lead teaching pastor, continuing to preach most weeks. Heather Larson, the current executive pastor, will be lead pastor, overseeing Willow Creek's 400-person staff and $77 million budget. Read more

Shaped by the Smartphone
The Atlantic magazine
Teens are less likely to go out, to date, and e ven less likely to get their drivers license.  Nearly all Boomer high-school students had their driver's license by the spring of their senior year; more than one in four teens today still lack one at the end of high school. So what are they doing with all that time? They are on their phone, in their room, alone and often distressed. T eens who spend more time than average on screen activities are more likely to be unhappy, and those who spend more time than average on nonscreen activities are more likely to be happy.  There's not a single exception. All screen activities are linked to less happiness, and all nonscreen activities are linked to more happiness. read more

Fake Pictures
While most of the pictures you'll see on social media are authentic, it turns out that an alarming number of users actually fake their vacation snaps. A recent survey by financial company, LearnVest, found more than one-third of men and 26 percent of women admit to posting fake vacation photos to social media. The numbers break down further to a startling 56 percent of millennials involved in such behavior. read more
Free Choir Robes
Valley Christian Fellowship of Menifee has about 30 adult-sized choir robes and various choir music books that they would love to give away to a church that could use them. They are a very pale green with reversible stoles in green or red. Contact the church office at: 951-672-3655 or office@vcfmenifee.org.

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