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2017 Participatory Budgeting Results
I am proud to announce the results  of the District 10 Participatory Budgeting process. During this year's program, over 1,100 District 10 residents voted to decide on how we should spend $250,000 to improve and enhance our neighborhoods.
The winning projects are listed below in the order of the number of votes received. Thank you to all who participated in this process. From submitting a project idea to getting fellow residents involved, your participation made a difference. The process gave me an opportunity to hear from all of you about your ideas, priorities and vision for District 10.   
Youth and Family Field Trips
Funding to support field trips for at-risk youth and families in the Sunnydale neighborhood. Field trips will have a focus on health and wellness, employment, education and violence prevention. Funding would support transportation, admission fees, activity supplies and food.  
Enola Maxwell Campus/Maxwell Commons Activation Project
Partial funding for a new public recreation and open space project at the Enola Maxwell Campus in the Potrero Hill neighborhood, including a playground, picnic area, community garden, sand beach, and bicycle learn to ride area. (Release of this funding is pending matching funds being fundraised by community.)  
Technology Engineer and Developer Youth Training Program
Creation of a tech training program for young adults focused technology skills, and includes instruction by designers, software engineers and entrepreneurs.   
Movie Nights at the Park
Facilitation of five outdoor movie nights at parks across District 10. 
Youth Gardening Program  
Grant to support and expand existing community gardening and nutrition program for youth in the Bayview neighborhood.

Youth Outdoor Environmental and Education Program 
Youth environment and education program focused on growing food, healthy living and the environment in the Visitacion Valley neighborhood.

NERT (Neighborhood Emergency Response Team) Emergency Preparedness and Recovery for Bayview Community
Purchase of basic emergency preparedness equipment for four NERT service areas and Staging Area in the Bayview community to be activated during a disaster. Equipment will include medic tents and bathrooms, radios, and lanterns. 

Ladder Style Crosswalks at Cesar Chavez and 3rd Street
Installation of ladder style crosswalk markings Cesar Chavez and 3rd Street to enhance pedestrian safety and access. 

Security Cameras on Executive Park Blvd.
Installation of four security cameras for the north and south stretch of Executive Park Blvd. 

Jazz Street Fair in Bayview Community
Creation and facilitation of a street festival focused on jazz music and food.

Garden Resource Center
Creation and installation of a Garden Resource Center in the Sunnydale neighborhood. The center will include garden tools, education resources and materials to support the network of backyard gardeners in the community.

I look forward to working with you to implement these projects and to continue advocating for more funding so that even the projects that weren't selected will be prioritized. 
Best regards,
Malia Cohen
Member, Board of Supervisors
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