2017 Rally DVD
To all our High Seas Rally passengers that are constantly on Facebook, let me first state that I (Dean) am not a Facebook Fanatic. I'm an old fashioned phone, e-mail and hand shake kind of guy. The only time I'm involved in Facebook is when we post newsletters because I write the majority of them. That said, I only got ONE e-mail "complaint" about the DVD for 2017 in my e-mail...and still no phone calls. So I read the brief newsletter again that I wrote. It said nothing about no DVD for 2017. Only mentioned that we were "getting with the times" and posting it on You Tube and on our website. Facebook does what Facebook does best...and shows mostly its negative comments from those that are afraid to pick up the phone or email someone personally. This is why I don't do Facebook and most TV news channels.
Always best to hear facts from the source...not Facebook. For the dozen or so misinterpreted Facebook soles that make up their own mind without so much as giving me a call, here's the deal.....
I understand that you are disappointed for not getting your DVD on time.  This was always an added extra gift (if we chose to do) that we gave to all of our passengers paid out of our commission. We were hopeful to have a DVD for 2017, but the cost of the media team we had used for the last 18 cruises had gradually risen each cruise from $38,000 in 2004 with a 4 person film crew to over $62,000 for 2015 for a 2 person film crew. That's about $62 per cabin!  Me, unwilling to "bite the bullet on yet another huge increase" with a small film crew for 2017, our prior film crew decided they didn't need our business for 2017. Fear of that possibility, was why we never announced or placed on the 2017 website that there would be a DVD for this cruise and it's also not guaranteed on 2019 yet. We can't control every business or video crew we work with.  Things do change in life sometime...whether we like it or not.

So then just a very few months before the 2017 cruise, we didn't have a film crew but at the last minute we did find a great 2 person film crew willing to work us into their schedule. Of which we were grateful and they did a "killer" job on the ship! However a month after the cruise, the film crew owner and editor had medical issues for almost the entire month of January and was hospitalized. We were now already 1 month behind, we are and will be out of the office until April 16 and it would be weeks later to have them produced, have the cover art designed, labeled and have one mailed to each cabin... all this when the website is opening soon for 2019. With complaints already mounting on Facebook "Where's my DVD?" I decided to go ahead and post the entire video on You Tube. Which we should have been doing for years so that all of our 30,000+ past passengers and the general public can view it. So in the meantime, watch it on You Tube or be patient and wait till it arrives in the mail.
I want to make something clear about a few costs that apparently some Facebook people think they are paying for in their cruise price...which HAVE NEVER BEEN ADDED INTO YOUR CRUISE PRICE and have always been taken out of our High Seas Rally's/Royal Caribbean Commission check:
  • The cost of producing the DVD... $62,000 last time, plus 100+ hours of my time
  • The grand prize giveaways $20,000-$60,000 per cruise. Whether cash or bikes
  • The Early Bird Cash winner $4,000 now $5,000 for 2019
  • The Virgin Bounty cash winner $1,000 now $2,000 for 2019
  • The cost to bring the vendors on board. Ranges from $20,000-$65,000 per cruise
  • Drinks for the 1 st hour for 1 or 2 on ship parties. $20-$30,000 per party
  • The Veteran's Night screen video $1,000 and Entertainer $8- $30,000.00
  • There's more but hopefully you get the idea.....