To: All Members of Region 16
Update from the CRC

WELCOME to 2017 ...
The holiday season of shopping, baking, cooking, sharing fun and loving times with your family and friends and making resolutions is falling behind us now, I am sure that our regional membership is anxiously awaiting the weather reports to be sure that their rehearsals haven't been canceled.
You will be receiving the Sweet Adelines International competitor e-packages shortly.  Please read all instructions thoroughly and contact International headquarters if you did not receive the info or if you have any concerns about your entry.
If your chorus or quartet does not receive an e-packet by the end of January, please contact International to ensure they have the correct contact information.
Please note we have had a change in team members.  Effective immediately, Sue Heighway has begun her term as Communication Manager.  We thank Sharon Ludgwig for looking after this responsibility last year.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Region 16 Convention Team members listed.
Sandy Blamowski
Chair, Regional Convention
Lake Ontario Region 16

Please ensure your CCL's email address is forwarded to Sue Heighway, Communications Manager at .  We don't want you to    miss one bit of information along the road to contest. 

*** It is important that your CCL is proficient in Word & Excel, inorder to correctly complete and submit all forms with NO CHANGES necessary to the format.
Convention Handbook!
The 2017 Convention Handbook is now available on the Region 16 Website. Click here for direct access!
Housing, Registration, Photo/DVDs, and Program Ad forms can be found on the
Region 16 website:
Notes/Changes/Reminders for the Regional Convention
The magic date for your Regional forms to be submitted is
March 15th, 2017
  • Please be sure that Sue Heighway, Convention Communication Manager has your chorus / quartet contact info.  That is the only way to ensure that you receive all convention information.
  • Competitor lists will be required to be handed in at the Briefing.  International no longer requires these to be emailed to the CC in advance of the contest.
  • Region 16 will once again be providing CD recordings to all competitors.  DVDs must be ordered as has been done in the past.
  • Both contest sessions will be webcast again this year.  Watch for notices coming soon about how to sign up for the webcast.  Encourage friends and family members who can't attend in person, to watch the competition live!
  • The format of any form(s) is not to be altered in any way.
  • A specific form has been designed when there is a need to request any changes to your Convention Registration and Housing forms after you have already submitted them.  The deadline for submitting your Convention Registration and Housing forms is March 15h 2017.  Please note that there is a $10 USD fee for each change request form submitted No changes will be accepted after April 1st 2017
  • INTERNATIONAL NOTE:  Regional competition informational packets containing entry forms and general info will continue to be available only in electronic format.  The information was:
    • emailed to chorus presidents/team leaders and quartet contacts
    • posted on the SAI regional competitor pages on the international website

Sheraton Syracuse
University Hotel
Crowne Plaza
Genesee Grande
Acapella North
Barrie Huronia
Bay of Quinte
Greater Kingston
Harmony North
Ontario Heartland

Buffalo Gateway
Bytown Beat
Circle of Harmony
Eastside Harmony
Kawartha Music Co
Limestone City Voices
York Harmony

Canadian Showtime
Durham Shores
Image City Sound
Lake Effect Harmony

North Metro
Hotel assignments are based on our annual rotation and estimated chorus requirements. Depending on the actual number of rooms requested by each chorus and the number of rooms available in each hotel block, changes in the announced rotation may be required. Affected choruses will be contacted directly by Andrea Thorne-Percy Convention Services & Housing Manager. Thank you for your understanding .
Convention Team

Sandy Blamowski
Chair of the Regional Convention (CRC)
Shelley Snoulten
Competition Coordinator (CC)
Cathy Stovold
Events Coordinator/ Registration

Mary Ann Jablonski
Official Panel Liaison
Cindy Fanara
Assistant Official Panel Liaison
Liz Gibbs
Audio/Visual Manager
Diane Seaward
Awards Manager
Barb Jacobs
Transportation Manager
Andrea Thorne-Percy
Convention Services and Housing Manager
Sue Heighway
Communications Manager
April Jackson
Financial Coordinator
Colleen O'Dwyer
Assistant Finance Coordinator
J.D. Crowe
Webcast Manager

Judging Panel

Sharon Babb
Panel Chair & Sound Judge
Susan Kegley
Music Judge
Annette Wallace
Expression Judge
Barbara Nielsen
Showmanship Judge
Kate Veeder
Panel Secretary
f orms are due by
MARCH 15th, 2017

Send To
International E-packet mailing to competitors
January 20, 2017
Choruses & Quartets FROM SAI
Competition Entry Form: Quartet
March 6, 2017
Competition Entry Form: Chorus
March 7, 2017
Late Entry Deadline: Quartet
March 21, 2107
Late Entry Deadline: Chorus
March 22, 2017
Draw for Order of Appearance
March 13, 2017
Form Name
Form To
Payment To
March 15, 2017
Convention Registration and Hotel Spreadsheet 
Convention Registration, 
Advance Single Ticket Order, Housing Room List 

Cathy Stovold
Andrea Thorne-Percy
Colleen O'Dwyer
Colleen O'Dwyer
(include one hard copy of lists)

March 15, 2017
4_DVD Order
5_Chorus Photo Order
6_Quartet Photo Order
Photo and DVD Order
Liz Gibbs
Liz Gibbs
March 15, 2017
7_Program Ad
Program Ad Order
Sue Heighway
Colleen O'Dwyer
April 4, 2017
Banquet Orders from Hotels
Meals and Rehearsal Spaces
Andrea Thorne-Percy
Colleen O'Dwyer
Colleen O'Dwyer

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