2017 Review and Looking Ahead

To begin, this is the first of our regular newsletters designed to keep you updated in the world of Beyond Green, and to explore the broad scope of school food changes and challenges. This will be a forum to announce product launches, publications, speaking engagements or simply to share a recipe or interesting blog. But more importantly, this can be a great way to build community across the miles as we all work together to dream a new dream for school food.
Hawaii Farm to School
In May 2017, the Hawaii Farm to School Initiative Pilot Project was completed with great success. The second phase, named 'Aina Pono, is now being implemented across the state and is a collaborative initiative of the Hawai’i Lieutenant Governor's Office, Hawai’i State Department of Education, Beyond Green Sustainable Food Partners, and The Kohala Center.
Operational Manual Launch
Dream a New Dream: Operational Manual for Cafeteria Farm to School Programs
Ready to launch in Spring 2018, BGP has written an operational manual for institutional decision makers that outlines the necessary steps to moving toward a zero waste, sustainably sourced, scratch cooked model within budget (and educates about potential pitfalls too). Driven by kitchen efficiencies and waste reduction, the curriculum and it’s supporting materials and documents starts with measuring where the current program stands and works toward a unified vision established by the school.

Scratch , 9 Minute Nutrition Ninja and other publications

BGP was very fortunate to be published several times and recognized as a thought leader on the topic of school lunches. Check us out in Inc.com , Fresh Fruit Portal,, Catalyst Quarterly , Thrive Global , and a few more. Additionally, BGP published Scratch : Dreaming a New Dream for School Lunch as well as the  9-Minute Nutritional Ninja Supplemental Curriculum (which will be available in Spanish in 2018).
Check both books out at Amazon.com as well as at the USGBC Learning Lab , where we are recognized as a Learning Lab Educational Partner. 
Green Schools Conference and Expo
Chef Greg Christian, along with public and private partners from the Hawaii Farm to School Initiative, will host a featured panel at the Green Schools Conference and Expo 2018 on May 4 in Denver, CO. 

Click here for conference registration and details
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