2017 Popcorn and Nuts for 
Scouting Sale !


Welcome to The 2017 Popcorn and Nuts Sale 

It may seem like Fall is forever away, but it is just around the corner. Just think soon the wonderful buttery aroma of freshly popped corn will be in the air, and your 2017 Council popcorn team has been working hard to have it all ready for you.
Whether this is your first time or your 20th we would like to THANK YOU for making this sale a reality for the youth of your Troop, Pack or Crew.  Your efforts help the over 5,000 youth of the Pennsylvania Dutch council here in Lancaster and Lebanon Counties to have the best year of Scouting possible.
To help you through the entire sale we invite you and anyone in your unit that would like to follow our What's Poppin' Newsletter.  This newsletter is our way to communicate with your key dates, reminders and important information regarding the sale, as well as helpful hints and suggestions that allow you to get the most out of your sale.
To make sure that we have the most up-to-date on you and your unit, please make sure that you have completed a 2017 Popcorn unit commitment.  You should have received and email from Trails End, or the form can be downloaded here and sent to us.  You may also pick up a hard copy at the office if you would like.
Please, also note that you are not alone in this whole process.  WE have a dedicated team of volunteers and professionals to support you in your sale.  If you have questions at any time, please don't hesitate to contact any of us.  The contact information for each of our key volunteers and professional staff advisor are below.  If you aren't sure where to start send an email to 
524PADutchPopcorn@scouting.org  and we will get your question to the correct person.
Thank you again for all that you do to make Scouting great in the Pennsylvania Dutch Council and have a great sale. 

2017 New Nut Vendor 
We are excited to announce our new partner in the Fall Product Sale, Whitley's Peanut Factory.  We will be offering a total of 10 products with Whitley's, including 5 for the Show and Sell and another 5 for Take-order only.  Our product mix includes hand dipped chocolates as well and pricing is comparable with Popcorn.  You will also that the brochure was custom made for us and all Scouts and pictures were a part of the Summer photo contest from Camp Mack and Camp Bashore.  And did we mention the taste.  Come out to our kickoff on August 2nd and meet our factory representative, try some nuts and let us know  what you think.   

2017 Popcorn Kickoff
If you have attended the popcorn kickoff in the past get ready for some big changes.  Information will be coming out soon as we finalize venues, but the entire format has changed.  First the kickoff will be for your members, yes that's the boys.  It will be August 2nd.  We will offer a two-hour event.  The first hour will be a round robin training.  The first hour will cover items like Safety Rules, How to make a Sales Pitch, How to Create your Own Personal Trails End Site, What Prizes we are offering and how to earn them and samples from our new Vender as you learn about our new products.  At each station you will be acknowledged you were there and then when you pass port is filled we have a great activity planned.  Be looking for more information in future issues.  Also, don't worry.  We will have an additional training for new Kernels and those who just want to increase their knowledge of the sale.  Packets will also be available f or pickup after August 2nd if you would just like to get your materials and start selling.

Council Popcorn Machine

The popcorn machine is available for units to borrow for their Kickoff and Show and Sell Events this fall!  It's a great way to help generate excitement for the sale!! You can down load the request form and return it to Leisha, at  Leishamarie.Rivera@scouting.org   to schedule  the use of it.  Machine use is on a first come first served basis.  As long as the machine is being used as part of your sale there is no fee.  Use of the machine includes corn and oil packets, the first 8 packets are free.  Additional packets are available at $1.00 each.  Each packet feeds approximately 10 people.  Please be sure to clean the machine before returning.  If you would like to use the machine for other events there is a small cost.

Please join me in welcoming Leishamarie Rivera as the newest member of the Popcorn team!!!  Leisha will be our lead popcorn admin. person.  Leisha is available between 10:00-3:00, Monday - Friday to assist you.  She can be reached by phone at 717-394-4063 or email at leishamarie.rivera@scouting.org .  If you have issues outside of that time please contact Scott Arnold, your district Kernel or your District Executive.  Leisha is new to the council and new to Scouting, but is willing and avid to learn.  We are thrilled to have Leisha on board with us!!!    
Meet Your 2017 Popcorn Team
Popcorn Team
Joe Flaim
Council Kernel
Roger Harvey
Conestoga River Kernel
Heidi Patterson
Harvest Kernel
Tom Carr
Horseshoe Trail Kernel
Leishamarie Rivera
Council Popcorn Admin.
Scott Arnold
Council Staff Advisor