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  Just Saying


2017 Goals



It's Personal

Detox Soup

Serves 4

2 bone-in chicken breasts, about 1 ½ pounds 
3 stalks lemongrass, trimmed and pounded 
1 (4-inch) piece ginger, sliced 
1 carrot, peeled and cut into large pieces 
1 celery stalk, cut into large pieces 
1 shallot, peeled and halved 
1 bay leaf 
½ teaspoon black peppercorns 
1 dried Thai chile 
1 teaspoon kosher salt 
6 cups cold water 
1 (5-ounce) package baby spinach, washed and roughly chopped 


To a large Dutch oven or soup pot add the chicken, lemongrass, ginger, carrots, celery, shallots, bay leaf, black peppercorns, Thai chile, and salt. Cover the ingredients with the water and place over medium heat. 
Bring the soup to a simmer, skimming off any residue that may come to the top and cook for 45 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through. 
Turn off the heat and allow the soup to cool slightly for about 30 minutes. 
Remove the chicken from the soup and shred the meat, discarding the bones and skin. 
Strain the stock and return the liquid to the pot. Add the shredded chicken back into the stock along with the spinach, and bring the soup to a simmer over medium-high heat. 

Serve immediately. 

Check out 2017's top colors!



Have you read?

 Doing Good Better 
by William Macaskill

An up-and-coming visionary in the world of philanthropy and a cofounder of the effective altruism movement explains why most of our ideas about how to make a difference are wrong and presents a counterintuitive way for each of us to do the most good possible

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In the upcoming year....
Break a bad habit, learn a new skill, do a good deed, visit a new place, read a difficult book, write something important, try a new food, do something good for someone who can not thank you, take an important risk.

New Year ...New Start
My guess is many resolutions are already broken by now.  Several years ago, I changed the way I approached the New Year.   My lofty New Year's resolutions full of all the things I wanted to accomplish in the coming year, often did not make it past February 1st.  The feeling of defeat and a brand new year did not seem to make a good combination so, I changed the way I approached this time of year.  
New Years is a great time to assess the past year and delve into what went well and what could have gone better.  A "do over" if you will...a fresh start.  

Each year, right after Christmas I hand each family member a small package.  Before you stop reading....it contains mostly white space, with a topic and description at the top; 
Spiritual Goals, 
Physical Goals, 
Mental Goals, 
Family Vision
Career/School Goals and 
Fun/Social Goals etc. 
It's been studied that goals are much more achievable when in written form.  So my family and I wrote them down so they were in a tangible form...not just an idea but a real goal.   Not all goals are achieved, some need to be modified, but it's a great way to approach a new year.  Don't forget fun Goals...those are the ones that make all the hard work worth it.  
Take a look at our Featured Projects section to see how this some principle is applied to the home.  

However you approach your resolutions, we here at Kat Nelson Designs wish you all a very Happy New Year and a year full of blessings

Forever Grateful,
Kat Nelson Designs

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What's Hot?

updated chandeliers in your home


What's Not?

Need to Know

Preparing a winter garden for spring planting.

1.  Clean Up
Throughout the fall and winter, your garden can be exposed to the elements and what's left behind from storms. "You want to first start by clearing all of your garden beds and lawn of broken branches, leaves, and other debris that have collected," says  Chris Lambton , professional landscaper and host of DIY Network's Yard Crashers. "It's important to start these chores quickly, as your spring bulbs and plants should be popping out of the ground any day now. The sooner you clean out the beds, the less chance you have of stepping on the growing plants and damaging them."
The same cleanup method applies for your trees and bushes. "To prep for spring, trim off any broken or dead branches," he says. "Now is also a good time to prune and shape the tree."

Prep Your Garden Tools
Pull out those tools that have been sitting around all winter. "It's almost time to use your tools again, so you want to make sure they are ready for the job," says Lambton. "Clean off the tools with soap and water, and use  mineral spirits on wood handles. The mineral spirits will help prevent the wood from splintering. I clean my tools every spring and fall, or if they are especially dirty."

Give Your Soil Some TLC
Make sure your soil is ready for planting. "To start, turn the soil over with a pitchfork and rake it out, clearing any weeds that may have grown," he says. "I then add fresh compost from my compost bin-if you don't have one, use store-bought compost or manure to add nutrients to the soil." You'll want to add compost or manure a couple of weeks before planting something, so it has time to mix well with your soil and won't burn the roots of your new plants. 
4. Make a Plan
Consult your  zone to see which  flowers and vegetables are best for your location. You can also head to your local nursery to get planting recommendations from local experts. "Planning your garden is the most important part," says Lambton. "I like to plant so that you get color blooming throughout the season-so mix perennial flowers with some annuals as this will help keep color in your yard longer. It's also good to plant according to height, making sure that taller plants don't block the sun from shorter ones." 
5.  Don't Forget to Maintain It
Upkeep during the whole season is key. "Once your flowers start blooming you will have to deadhead to promote more flowers (depending on the species), and it's a good time to plant annuals to supplement your perennial flowers," says Lambton. Deadheading is when you cut off the drooping or fading flowers from the rest of the green, healthy stem. "The late spring is also a good time to put down a nice layer of mulch on the garden," he says. "This will help hold down weeds while keeping in water for those long hot summer days ahead. It also will break down over the fall and winter and help add nutrients to the soil." 

Featured Projects

So what about your home?  Does it need some New Year Goals?  Again, access what worked and what needs improvement.  If you can't create a total room do-over, start small.  Look at each room and make a few small changes.  I often guide my clients to start with one room.  Pour your resources into that room until it is totally complete.  Otherwise, we continue to look at each thing that is unfinished and feel fr ustrated. 
Finish a Room!  

Pantone colors of the Year 2017
New paint
Even if you like the color, maybe the paint needs to be freshened up.  And don' forget the baseboards.  Baseboards show great wear and tear on a house.  Need a new color?  Check out the industries experts on color trends.


Revamp Bookcases
Restyling bookcases, removing items that have no significance or items you don't love.   Leave some breathing room.  Style items of similarity together. Take covers off hardback books, turn them backwards or if your creative, cover them with linen or paper!  

Put stuff away!  Create organizational systems so clutter doesn't steal your eye from your beautiful spaces

Fresh Greenery
First, remove all silk greenery...so 90's!  Fresh greenery truly adds life to a room.  I love a planter with tons of succulents or small ferns and orchids.  They truly add life to a room.

New Window treatments
Replace old vinyl blinds with woven wood blinds or simple panels in a beautiful fabric.  I often remove plantations shutters off the back of the house.  It allows more light in and allows your view to be seen well, instead of thru horizontal lines.

 Lighting is often overlooked as a decorative item.  Yes, it's function is to provide light, but since most lighting is near eye level...it should be beautiful too!  

Update your wall art, if needed.  Many clients have held on to old framed art " just because"...there's never a real good reason.."just because".  They don't love it and it often dates the space.  We love buying local art.  Buy what you love!

Are your rugs or carpet tired and stained?  New carpet, a vibrant patterned rug or even a great patterned sisal can add freshness instantly to a room 

If you find a "do over" is what you need, Kat Nelson Designs would love to help.  We are a full service design firm, with an in-house studio and distributor of many lines of furniture, fabrics, lighting, rugs etc. to offer our clients.  Our goal has always been to take your vision for your home and give you more than you ever expected.  We create highly functional homes are clients are proud of.

Business Spotlight

AYA™ Medical Spa in Atlanta and Alpharetta strives to provide patients with the highest quality skincare products and cosmetic skin treatments and services using our medical-grade technology and a team of expertly trained licensed estheticians and nurse practitioners.
AYA™ Medical Spa in Atlanta and Alpharetta strives to provide patients with the highest quality skincare products and cosmetic skin treatments and services using our medical-grade technology and a team of expertly trained  licensed estheticians and nurse practitioners.

AYA™ Medical Spa is owned and operated by the 
following board certified plastic surgeons: Dr. 
James Namnoum, Dr. Philip Beegle, Dr. Joseph Williams, and Dr. Allyson Maske and are members of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS).  We offer a full menu of medically focused skin care procedure for all skin types within a soothing, spa-like environment to meet all of your cosmetic concerns.

In addition to innovative technologies, AYA™'s trained practitioners  also administer wrinkle reduction treatments including Botox Cosmetic and facial fillers   ( Juvéderm® XC,  Sculptra® Aesthetic and Belotero Balance®).


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