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The New Year is here
Ready or not

A note from Jon Flora, President & CEO

As 2017 begins, everyone is looking into their Crystal Balls to see what the next 12 months will bring.  Columnists, economists and fortune tellers all have opinions on what we can expect.  Some will be right, some will be wrong but one thing is for sure:  this New Year will be different than what we have experienced in the past.

At NACM Business Credit Services, we have a few suggestions for 2017.  We base our thoughts on history, experience and, yes, hope!  Our top three recommendations to start the New Year off right:

  1. Pull your credit reports.  When the Great Recession began in 2009-10, we noted a common denominator.  Business had been good so companies quit making decisions based on the solid data contained within Experian, Dun & Bradstreet and other reports.  Many got into trouble and they realized it too late.  We can never say this enough:  Use your reports!
  2. Watch your Accounts Receivable.  Being ever vigilant about who owes you money and how much they owe will help keep you out of trouble.  When you see a problem, let NACM Business Credit Services help you through our growing Collections Service.
  3. Participate in Industry Groups and contribute your data.  Participating in NACM Industry Groups is a great tool to help you stay on top of what's happening.  Compare notes with colleagues to ensure that your company is in a solid position to be paid on a regular basis.  It's a proven model and all is takes is a little of your time and participation.
We are actually quite optimistic about 2017 but believe in the words of Ben Franklin:  "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  Use the tools at hand to be prepared for whatever may be coming your way.  And, if you don't think you have the right tools, call us.  We're here to help.

Make note below of educational programs coming your way in the next six weeks.  They include: Business Credit Principles Online, Lunch 'n Learn program, and our first Winter Credit Forum in Hawaii.

Let's have a terrific New Year.  And, thanks for being part of NACM Business Credit Services.


Lunch & Learn:  
No More Excuses!  How to get your money!

This month, we begin the 2017 round of Lunch 'n Learn programs.  No matter where you're located, you can join in these very successful and interesting programs. For those in our local area, join us in person for lunch.  If you are outside of the greater Seattle area, you can attend via video conference.

The first program is on Tuesday, January 24th and will feature NACM's Collections Manager Paul Krause.  Our Collections business has been on the increase in 2016 and Paul will give you some ideas on how to: decrease your receivables in the New Year, when to call NACM for help, and some changes we see on the horizon.

Location:  NACM BCS Office on Harbor Island, Seattle

Cost:         In person - $30 which includes lunch
                  Video Conference - $20

Time:        12:00-1:30 (PDT)

These are sessions are designed to be affordable educational opportunities and are open to members and their colleagues.  Feel free to invite others!
Clear up your Collections in 2017
NACM BCS leads in recovery solutions

Did you know that over the last five months, NACM Business Credit Services has  collected more than $1,500,000 for our customers with a 65% recovery rate? 

With the New Year here, let us help you clean up some of that those accounts that have been looming large for your company.  A growing number of companies nationwide are turning to NACM Business Credit Services for help.

Trust our team to recover your money when other options have fallen short. Today, we represent members and customers coast to coast and even some in foreign countries.  Our rates are competitive and our approach to collecting is professional all the way.

Get 2017 off to a great start.  Contact your NACM Sales Representative or our Collections Team at 800-423-5710.
January Great White North Sale
Save 15% on Canadian reports

If you need Canadian credit reports, January is the month to buy them!  NACM Business Credit Services is offering Equifax Canadian reports on sale for 15% below our already low price!  Grab your hockey skates, put on your toque, and buy your credit reports today!

For more information, contact your Account Executive or call us at 800-423-5710.

Hawaii in FebruaryHave fun and learn, too!

On Thursday, February 16th, we will be offering a special day of education for our Hawaii members - 
and any other customers who may be traveling to the islands at that time!

We'll have speakers on Hawaiian Lien Laws, Hawaii's GET and TAT taxes, and more. We will also welcome representatives from some of our business partners to present and train on their latest products and services -- all of which are available to you through NACM Business Credit Services.  

The program offerings will be of interest to credit and financial professionals, so be sure to invite your associates to come along.  

Click here for more information and to register.  See you in Honolulu!

Upcoming Education Opportunities from NACM

Business Credit Principles Online
Starts today!

Sign up now for the next offering of Business Credit Principles Online.  The class begins today January 3rd....and runs through March 17th.  There is still time to register so enroll now and encourage members of your staff to join in, too!  

Our online class lets you take the class from wherever you on your schedule.  Whether you (a) live in Seattle, Anchorage or Honolulu, (b) you have to travel a lot in your job or (c) you're a night owl that does your best work in the middle of the night, our educational solution works for you.

Learn the credit business, get college credit and work toward your professional certification. Business Credit Principles is the place to start.  Register today!
Scholarships for Congress & Classes
February 1st deadline

If you're interested in attending Credit Congress, keep in mind that NACM Business Credit Services offers scholarship awards. Through the generosity of generations of donors, NACM BCS is able to award financial assistance to our members for professional coursework and/or conferences and seminars.

The deadline to apply for a Credit Congress Scholarship is February 1st.

Take advantage of this opportunity by clicking here to learn more.  And, then, apply today!
NACM National Credit Congress
Register Today...and save money

NACM's headed to the state where everything is big and bold, from the tastes, to the culture to the sights! Join us where history merges with the modern and country collides with the city to create the beauty and brass of Texas! 

We invite you to Grapevine, nestled between Dallas and Ft. Worth, to share in our Texas-sized experience June 11-14, 2017 at the national Credit Congress & Exposition.  Click on the link below to reserve your spot.

Register Today !   Early Bird ends February 15, 2017.
NACM National Education Offerings

Your national association offers a variety of classes, webinars and other professional education opportunities throughout the year.  Designed to complement what we offer regionally, the national programs may be a great fit for you.  For information including how to register, please click here.

News from Our World
Important Business Highlights

Stay current on news from communities served by NACM Business Credit Services and our partners . 

Click on the following links for the latest:

Alaska              Alaska oil pipeline volumes for 2016

Hawaii              Could Macy's be acquired in 2017


January Industry Group Schedule
Start the New Year with your counterparts

Join your Groups in sharing information and contributing data to NACM. Everyone benefits from this collaboration.

  1.10     Transportion
  1.12     Floor
  1.16     Glass
  1.17     HVAC
  1.18     Tacoma Construction
  1.19     Ad Media
  1.26     Eastside Construction            


   1.18     Alaska Suppliers and Food


  1.17     Hawaiian Hospitality                  
                   1.18     Hawaiian Food
                   1.20     Hawaiian Construction



                   3      Business Credit Principles Online begins 
                 24      Lunch 'n Learn:  Collections


        16       Hawaii Winter Seminar - Honolulu, HI


              TBD       May Annual Seminar


           11- 14      NACM National Credit Conference - Grapevine (Dallas), TX

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