January 2017
Issue No. 49
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Sylvan Brandt News

Hello All!
Happy New Year, friends! Can you believe it is 2017?! It seems like just yesterday we weren't going to make it past 2000. 

January is quiet for us, but below you will find a couple events well-worth attending! 
Event in Lititz


According to the Warwick Merchadiser, "on Saturday Jan. 14, members of the Lititz Historical Foundation will welcome Lancaster architect Gregg Scott to the Lititz Public Library... for a lecture on 100 years of Lancaster County architecture... Scott will explore the three most dominant architectural styles of the time period spanning 1710 - 1810." 

This sounds like a great opportunity to learn about the history of Lancaster, as well as how Sylvan Brandt can help you renovate your home to match its era!    
Historic Homes Show

Join us in Valley Forge, January 28th and 29th at the annual Historic Home Show! According to their website,

"The HISTORIC HOME SHOW is a big tent, covering both renovation/restoration and today's best craftsmanship. Of interest to both homeowners and professionals, the show is for anyone who wants to learn how to restore, renovate, maintain, or furnish a historic or period-inspired house. See exhibits and attend seminars with our experts.
Incorporating Designer Craftsmen, this event also celebrates time-honored furnishings and crafts, featuring the highest quality in traditional new work, folk art, reproductions, and fine furnishings."

Click here to learn more about this event.
On Sale This Month


Check below in the "On Sale" section to see how you can beautify your home and save money while doing it!   

On Sale This Month!

Vintage Wrought Iron Fence
This wrought iron fence is in great condition. It was taken from a Lancaster city home just recently. It measures 33" high by 24' long (one ten foot section and 2 seven foot sections). It was for sale for $450, but mention this ad and get it for only $350!

Call us today to learn more!
Featured Item 
Antique Stained Glass Window
This featured beautiful stained glass window is in mint condition and would make a great addition to any room in your home. Hang it in place of a window or simply hang it in front of a window and watch the piece come to life in the daylight. 
  Stop by to see or buy this, as well as other items! 
What Is It?!

In this section, we feature unique antiques that we have discovered. Test your knowledge and see if you know what they are. Send us an e-mail to see if you are correct and get a 10% off coupon good for the Antiques Loft!

Out Of The Past

70 Years Ago
January 9, 1947
Keeping Up Morale
We always figure that the week after New Year's Day is the hardest week to keep the ol'morale up where it should be. The excitement of the holidays, the pleasant round of visits and get-togethers, give way once again to the more hum-drum of everyday routine. Even the kiddies lose some of their jubilance as they trudge off to school the Monday after.

100 Years Ago
January 5, 1917
Imagine a Mountain of Dead Bunnies
The past hunting season was a most unusual one for the locality, in that more game was killed in Lancaster County than for many a year. Indeed, the records show that it must have been an almost unprecedented one. The number of rabbits killed was 58,758. The number of squirrels killed was 2,216. Other game bagged were: Fifty-one raccoons, thirty-seven ruffed grouse, 224 ring-necked pheasants, 200 wide duck and goose, 1,884 Virginia quail, and seventy-five woodcock. These figures were compiled by Gae Warden Keene, with the assistance of his corps of deputies in all parts of the county, who kept as close as possible a record of all killing.

130 Years Ago
January 7, 1887
Sleighing has been in good condition since last Saturday. The roads have a solid foundation, and sleighs slip lightly over the frozen surface. Parties are quite numerous from Lancaster to Lititz, but thus far there are few from Lititz to other places.
Should this state of affairs continue for any length of time moonlight sleighing parties will become more numerous, and most everybody is wishing for its continuation.  

* All stories are taken word for word out of the Lititz Record Express. They are credited with all research.

We are almost completely owned and operated by family, and here at Sylvan Brandt we believe in that - family and home. We believe in preserving our past - that our past is what shapes our future. We believe that everyone deserves respect and love, and that collaboration will get us far. We want to help you preserve our strong American history and make your home one-of-a-kind. We promise to treat you like family and want to work together with you to make your home a history-rich sanctuary.




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