January 29, 2019


With your help, Jungle Friends offered sanctuary homes to 30 monkeys last year! A baby squirrel monkey named Rico, a sweet capuchin named Charlie Girl, baby marmoset, Marylou, and a golden-handed tamarin named Aliyah all joined the Jungle Friends family in 2018. 

But wait, there's more...we also welcomed 26 squirrel monkeys who were retired from FDA nicotine studies.
Watch a recap of our favorite memories of 2018 below.
Jungle Friends: 2018 Year in Review
Gregory and 25 of his best friends arrived at the sanctuary on November 14, 2018 after being retired from FDA research - the first time EVER the FDA has retired monkeys to a sanctuary. They are assimilating to their new Florida home in the Bob Barker Medial Clinic, and will be released to their spacious, neo-tropical habitats in the spring!
Aliyah and Phil
Aliyah arrived in September. She is thrilled to have a good friend in Phil.
Charlie was an unexpected arrival in March and has a new friend in Wanda.

These two babies both arrived in October 2018, and are settling in to their new "Almost Wild" life just great! 

Marylou and Rico are both down to just two bottles a day --  they grow up so fast!
We have nine monkeys on our waiting list this year. Two universities are retiring three brown capuchins and three marmosets from research studies. Also, three privately owned capuchins -- two brown capuchins and one white-faced capuchin -- are waiting to make Jungle Friends their forever home. Will you join us in providing these monkeys with an "Almost Wild" life in 2019?

Kari Bagnall, Founder & Executive Director

JungleFriends.org ~ 386-462-7779

P.S. Please join us for an "Almost Wild Night" on March 9th, at the Hippodrome State Theatre here in Gainesville, Florida for our 20 year anniversary. Be There or Be Square!
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