FIFTH FOFA CATALOG & EXHIBITION: The fifth FOFA catalog Mostrando la Fuerza de Mi Pueblo (Showing the Strength of My People), showcasing the wonderful work of the 66 winning entrants in our August, 2018 young folk artist competition in Oaxaca, has arrived just in time for the holidays! Beautiful photographs by Otto Piron bring the creative talents of the featured artists to life.

All 66 works are on display at the Museo Estatal de Arte Popular Oaxaca (MEAPO) in San Bartolo Coyotepec through March 8 2019.

Winners and Honorable Mention recipients in 2018 Young Artists' Contest

YOUNG ARTISTS' COMPETITION: In August, FOFA, together with MEAPO, sponsored our fifth competition inviting young artists to interpret the theme "Showing the Strength of My People." A record 132 works of art were submitted by artists 30 years of age or younger, with 78 (59%) of those entrants first time participants.

Award Ceremony in August, 2018

Sixty-six artists were awarded first, second or third prize or received an honorable mention in the category of folk art in which they submitted their works (Ceramics, Shuttle Loom Woolen Rugs, Textiles, Woodcarving, Decorative Painting of Woodcarving or "Other Modalities"). The award ceremony, held on August 17th at MEAPO, was attended by more than 400 people.

Home page of FOFA's Website

NEW FOFA WEBSITE: Earlier this year, we proudly launched our beautifully designed, entirely new, website ( catalyzed by seed money from Los Amigos del Arte Popular's Van Deren Coke award to FOFA's President. We hope you find the website to be an engaging and user-friendly resource for learning about Oaxacan folk art and artists, and planning your next trip to Oaxaca, including the downloadable pamphlet on our home page to help you arrange your adventure geographically ( click here to download).

(left to right) Jesús Canseco Zárate, Eros René Fuentes Gómez, and Fran García Vásquez

FOFA was honored to participate in the inspiring two-day event celebrating Day of the Dead that took place at the American Museum of Natural History. Three Oaxacan artists - woodcarver Eros René Fuentes Gómez, ceramicist Fran García Vásquez and papier mâché artist Jesús Canseco Zárate (all FOFA competition winners from this and past years) - were invited to represent the scores of talented artists with whom we have had the pleasure of collaborating over the past 10 years. The festive opening gala on November 2nd was followed the next day by a wonderful marketplace and fiesta (complete with numerous dancers and musicians), where our three invited guests displayed and sold their work. They were excellent representatives of FOFA's efforts to support young, developing artists in Oaxaca. This event was attended by over 9200 people!

Over the subsequent ten days Fran and Jesús held students spellbound at several local private and public schools while demonstrating their crafts and sharing aspects of their culture.

Jorsand Diaz representing Heavy Metl's Mezcal Tasting

ANNUAL HOLIDAY FOLK ART SALE & MEZCAL TASTING: On November 9th and 10t, FOFA's annual benefit sale of Oaxacan folk art was hosted once again by Amy and Michael Mulvihill at their home in Park Slope. Our three young visiting artesanos exhibited and sold their art alongside work displaying the creative talents of many of their friends, family members and colleagues back home in Oaxaca. Our sale this year was a great success, netting FOFA over $7000 for use in our 2019 programming. Delicious mezcal was provided by Heavy Metl thanks to William Scanlan.

Presentation for FOFA Contest Winners to Explore Selling their Work through Novica

NEW COLLABORATION WITH NOVICA:  In October FOFA collaborated with the online global handicraft marketer NOVICA to hold a workshop in Oaxaca for interested artists, to introduce them to the workings of NOVICA as a possible platform to sell their work. The Alfredo Harp Helu Foundation generously offered the use of inviting space at Centro Cultural San Pablo in Oaxaca City. The workshop was attended by 27 young folk artists. Of those attendees, 5 artists immediately expressed interest in pursuing a working relationship with NOVICA and others are in process. We look forward to a continuing collaboration with NOVICA, introducing them to the wonderful creative talents of Oaxacan artists.

We have been honored to work with scores of young artists from Oaxaca this year. Their talent, gratitude and humility inspire us to find new ways to assist them in the coming year. Exciting new workshops to take place in 2019 for 2018 contest winners -- in product innovation, mentoring of young Oaxacan school children, and instruction in English -- will soon be announced.

Your donations have made our work possible, and we take this opportunity to convey the thanks of the artists and all FOFA's volunteers for your continued support.


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