January 2018

Happy 2018! Have you made any resolutions for the new year? If you're like most people, some of your resolutions have to do with getting healthier. With Juice Plus+, you can easily help your body build a foundation of good health. Regardless of what other goals you have this year - financial, fitness, relationship, spiritual - a solid foundation of good health will set you up to achieve them. And keeping this resolution is EASY!
Veggie Tales

Many of us make a change to our diet when January 1st rolls around. This article answers the question of why we need to eat more fruits and vegetables.
One piece of nutrition advice is essentially eternal: We really should be eating far more fresh fruits and vegetables and, ideally, less meat.
"Some of the advantages of reducing meat [consumption] are to focus on the other food categories on our plate," says Korrin Fotheringham, a registered dietitian nutritionist.
There's even mounting evidence to suggest that a healthy microbiome in our intestinal tract, rich in diverse bacteria and other microbes, can improve sleep and mitigate mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Eating prebiotic soluble fiber like inulin (found in garlic, onions, leeks, asparagus), pectin (plums, apples, quinces, citrus fruits) and raffinose (cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts) helps to promote this diversity by "feeding" these gut species...
Gold Standard Research

Are you a research "geek"? Is it important to you to be absolutely certain of what you and your family are eating? Do you want a strong foundation of health so you can live your best life? 

There are many excellent resources that explain how the Juice Plus+ company conducts research and what the results are. In this newsletter, we'll highlight two resources: the first is detailed information on how sample size is determined for an investigation and the second is an overview of all of our research studies.
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Veterans and Tower Gardens

"From Gunner to Gardener" - the story of Altius Farms is so inspirational. Vets are trained to become urban farmers and to grow sustainable, locally sourced food.

This farm is the largest vertical aeroponic rooftop greenhouse in the USA. In addition to growing excellent produce, the Memorial Towers project will help underwrite agricultural training for Vets. They plan to dedicate each of the Tower Gardens as a living memorial to a fallen soldier.
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