Intelligent Movement for Stress and Anxiety
Feeling stressed? Sukha Studios recommends practicing Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall). This pose is popular in Hatha Yoga for its relaxing benefits. It is restorative and increases circulation through the body, bringing oxygen to the brain to promote mental clarity.
Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) is a great pose for those who enjoy using movement to find relaxation. This pose reduces anxiety and stress and increases mental and physical equilibrium.

“Finding stillness mentally and physically...I try to continue this practice outside the hot room.”

-Janet Nicholson, Yoga Instructor

Breathing Techniques for Stress & Anxiety
Yoga Journal regularly instructs its readers on pranayamas (breathing exercises) for anxiety or stress. Since yoga for these sometimes chronic feelings has set the tone for January's newsletter, we thought it would benefit the Sukha community to learn about a pranayama that combats these feelings of stress, anxiety, and even fatigue. Yoga Journal reports that slowing one's breathing, especially one's exhalation, can benefit the yogi. This is the first step for each pranayama to fight against anxiety, depression, or fatigue. To learn more about the specific pranayamas beyond this vital first step, click here to read the article by Yoga Journal .
Upcoming Events

Leslie Howard Presents
Yoga & the Pelvic Floor
Proper strengthening and stabilizing of the pelvic floor helps to create the correct foundation of each movement in the body. This is the true meaning of "core work." Whether you experience any of these conditions, or are just plain curious about this region of the body, this workshop is for you. Sign u p on our website- Anatomy & Wellness Academy & Upcoming Events
Leslie Howard's workshop will be held January 14th, 12:30-4:30pm.
Workshop: $90
Early Bird Registration: $80
The Early Bird Registration closes on January 7th- sign up today!
Community Spotlight:
Janet Nicholson
Each month, Sukha wants to honor a person in our community by giving our friends a glimpse into their lives. For January's theme of Yoga for Stress and Anxiety, the Sukha spotlight is on our yoga teacher, Janet Nicholson.
Janet leads an active life inside and outside the walls of Sukha Studios. In addition to teaching and taking classes at Sukha, she enjoys walking her dog and playing tennis. She is also dedicated to taking care of her emotional health, and for her, that focuses heavily on breathing. Breathing techniques can help calm the mind and body. The intentional in-and-out breath during and between asanas may be a technique learned in yoga, but it is not confined to the practice.
For Janet, one of the benefits of yoga is that it is a full-body healing practice. Yoga can provide healing mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Janet specifically recommends Ardha Kurmasana (Half Tortoise) for people struggling with stress or anxiety; when held for 30 seconds, the pose provides some of the same benefits to the body as 8 hours of sleep. Stress takes a physical toll on the body, and regular practice of poses like half tortoise, triangle, or legs up wall can alleviate physical symptoms of stress such as lethargy, poor posture, and muscle tightness.

Janet’s journey with yoga began in the hot room. About 10 years ago, she was introduced to the Bikram method: “My good friend introduced me to the practice of Bikram Yoga and I have been hooked ever since!”

With the heat of the room and the structured flow of the class, Bikram Yoga may sound intimidating to beginning students, but Janet encourages the curious to try it. “What I love most about Bikram Yoga is that it is a beginning yoga; there’s no good or bad, no judgement.” Her advice: “Have no expectations. Just show up and do your best.”
Product Spotlight:
Thieves Oil

The Lifestyle Boutique at Sukha carries a variety of Thieves Oil cleaning products. Used in the studio, the oil blend is multi-functional and cleans as well as conventional products, without the harsh chemicals. Thieves is also an essential oil blend, and even a toothpaste! The scent is invigorating and purifying. Visit our Boutique to learn more about the benefits and uses of Thieves Oil. Use promo code JanNews for 10% off Thieves Oil products in the Sukha Lifestyle Boutique! Let us know you have the code by taking a screenshot of this section, or by telling the cashier the code at checkout.
Astronomy Corner

One of the celestial happenings this January is the Quadrantid Meteor Shower, the peak of the shower happening during the night of January 3rd and the early morning of January 4th. This shower will be an above average shower, with up to 40 meteors per hour during its peak. The full moon on the 2nd may make it difficult to see all but the brightest comets, but for the best chance at seeing the shower, plan to view the comets from a dark location after midnight. Begin the year on a positive note; if you choose to watch the shower, take it as an opportunity to meditate on the year ahead. In ancient times, meteor showers and shooting stars were considered gifts from the gods and were symbolic of enlightenment and illumination.
Other celestial events this January will include two full moons (on the 2nd and 31st) as well as a Total Lunar Eclipse, also on the 31st.