Dr. Jan Irons Harris
August 27, 2018
(17 Districts)
Georgia Milestones

5th Place - Literature, Dade County High School
(Molly Rogers, Alan Morris)

5th Place - 4th Grade Math, Davis Elementary
(Jessica Howard)

7th Place - 5th Grade Science, Davis Elementary
(Tina Roberts)

7th Place - 5th Grade Social Studies, Davis Elementary
(Tina Roberts)

8th Place - 8th Grade Math, Dade Middle School
(Laura Colvin, Adam Wright)

10th Place - 6th Grade Math, Dade Middle School
(Ashlie Smith, Tristeca Adams)

12th Place - 5th Grade Math, Davis Elementary
(Lori Gordy)

13th Place - Biology, Dade County High School
(Candria Eddinger, Lisa Davidson)

14th Place, 3rd Grade Math, Dade Elementary School
(April Abernathy, Jennifer Clarkson, Misty Tierce)
A BIG THANK YOU to the American Legion Post 106 for the kind donation of school supplies to our children! Mr. Gary Moore and Mr. Larry Hester dropped by the Board of Education Regular Meeting on Monday, August 20th to fill the boardroom with school supplies!
This Week & Young Authors Character Quotes

Monday, August 27th - Volleyball Home 5:00 p.m.
Knowledge is kind of like Legos; you have to build up what you learn in order to build up the pathway to your future. Legos are fun and knowledge can be too. So build up your pathway! Coop Lumpkin, 9th grade DCHS

Tuesday, August 28th - DMS Softball at Trion, DCHS Softball @Rockmart
Strive to be a seeker of knowledge . Arianna Clayton, 8th grade DMS

Wednesday, August 29th - Volleyball at Richard Hardy
I sought how to work a problem, and I got it in the end! I was seeking knowledge . You can seek knowledge , too. Anna Ballard, 7th grade DMS

Thursday, August 30th - Softball Home 5:30 p.m., Volleyball Home 5:00 p.m., DMS Football at Lafayette
To change the world, you first must KNOW how it works. Kaitlyn Hedden, 10th grade DCHS

Friday, August 31st - Football at Trion
Wise and appreciated figures are people who constantly seek to learn . Julian Ramirez de Arellano, 6th grade DMS