Dr. Jan Irons Harris
September 4, 2018
Character Theme: KNOWLEDGE
Word of the Week: Engagement
On August 30, 2018, a Ribbon Cutting was held at Dade Middle School for the new cross county course and access road , built by Ron McBryar Excavation. The cost of the project was $82,500 for the cross country course and $356,493 for the access road. Dr. Jan Harris, Superintendent, said, “We thank the citizens of Dade County for their support. This capital project would not be possible without SPLOST funds. The beneficiaries of this beautiful course and road will be our students and our entire community.”

Architect Ken Cress of Associated Architectural Services noted that the course itself is approximately ¾ of a mile long. The middle school competition cross country course length is 2 miles while the high school length is 3.1 miles. The access road is 0.42 miles long.

Dr. Sandra Spivey, Principal, stated that the new road will provide enhanced safety for the campus. An additional benefit is that this Dade County Schools may host Cross Country events. Board President Carolyn Bradford said, “The course will complement our athletic program while the access road improves safety by allowing a second way out of the main campus area for vehicles."

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Word of the Week: Engagement

Essential Question (EQ):
What does engagement look like in a learning environment? 

Monday, September 3rd - LABOR DAY - NO SCHOOL

Engagement ignites the sparks of learning, allowing an interest and a drive to obtain knowledge.  Abby Moore, 12th grade

Tuesday, September 4th - Principals' Meeting 12:30pm, Volleyball H 5:00pm

Being engaged in your work is like being engaged while watching a movie. If you’re not watching, then you'll have no clue as to what is going on.  Coop Lumpkin, 9th grade

Wednesday, September 5th - TOTY Interviews 

Engagement is the act of outwardly involving yourself. It sparks thoughtful conversation and new knowledge. Madison Roden, 12th grade

Thursday, September 6th - LFS Training, DES 8am - 3pm, DMS VB and FB H

We live in a busy world where focus is constantly divided. It’s hard to give your time to any one thing. But, when you do, all the things - especially the little ones - around you are more clear such as the subtle change in tone of the song, the crinkles around a smile, or the depth of an inhale. With engagement, the world becomes much smaller, but in the same way, it becomes much bigger. Karen Zheng, 12th grade

Friday, September 7th - TOTY Observations, DMS Kids Night Out 3:30pm - 5:30pm

You are never truly done learning. So, get out into the world and learn something! I promise you’ll be surprised by what you don’t know.  Kaitlyn Hedden, 10th grade