Welcome to the 2018/2019 competitive season at Alive Danceworks!
1. Updated Weekly Schedule

We’ve updated our schedule to reflect some of the conflicts that we found during registration! 
Please review the schedule as your dancers classes may have shifted.

Most notable:
Cool Kids (Friday change)
Winks (Alien HH leave barre/pointe 15mins early)
Hearts (class time change)
Level 3 Partnering dance time change on Sundays

Some times have changed and studios have shifted so all families should be reviewing this schedule (note: login to your account to see a summary of classes also - See item #13 in this email)

2. Updated Extras

Attached below is our casting list that has been updated. Please confirm that your dancer is placed correctly in that their extras and if they said no to anything at registration that is reflected in the document. If your dancer has a question mark next to their name, we just need you to confirm this extra for your dancer. 

*this list is not completely finalized. If you are still waiting to hear from Miss Jenn in regards to extras, she is still working on them! We have not forgotten about these requests and changes*

3. Fee Authorization Form + Upcoming Charges

We have received some questions about the charges that went through on July 3rd. This was for Mandatory (and optional) gear, Registration fees, and choreography deposits. Please review the document below if you need a reminder on what charges are being put through and when. 

4. GSP Dance Convention

We are taking note of who would like to attend GSP this year as it is optional. While some of you mentioned you might want to attend, we aren’t 100% certain. If this is something that your dancer would like to attend, please reply to this email. 

GSP Dance Convention
Telus Convention Center
October 13-14
Juniors $210
Inters/Adv $235

Please respond to this email if you would like to attend. If we do not hear from you, that means you will not be registered for GSP 
5. NUVO Convention

This convention is mandatory for all dancers in Level 2 (5 years are older). If your dancer is in Hip Hop only we will request that you attend the convention on a drop in basis. This drop in schedule will be sent out closer to the convention date. 

NUVO Dance Convention
Hyatt Regency Calgary
October 27-29
Ages 5-7 $195USD
Ages 7+ $250USD
*When we register for this convention we will use the USD conversion to charge you! You will be charged what we get charged* 
6. Summer Intensive Camps

We have done some updating on the Summer Intensive Camps! 

All Styles Intensive August 20-24
ALL dancers in the Kisses group and the Stars Group will now be in the junior camp. 
All dancers in the Hearts group will be placed in the Novice camp.  
Please see the lists below for your dancers placement and to confirm their attendance. If there are changes to be made to these lists for your dancer, please email us! Schedule to come closer to the end of July.

Ballet Intensive August 27-31
Dancers attending this camp will be separated into two groups Junior and Inter/Senior. The price will remain the same however camp times will be dependent on the teachers schedules! Schedule to come closer to the end of July.

Please review the attached camp lists for placements and confirm your dancers attendance. If there are changes to be made to these lists for your dancer, please email us! 

7. Competitive Program Jackets - Initials

All competitive jackets will have the dancers initials on them! Each dancer will receive their first and last name initials on their jackets. If your dancer would like something other than their first and last name initials on their jacket, please let us know before July 25th.
The maximum number of characters we can put on a jacket is 3 letters. 

If we do not hear from your about these initials, we will be putting your dancers first and last name initial on their jacket. 
8. Cecchitti Ballet Classes

We are offering classes in Cecchetti this year and would like to begin enrolment for dancers in these classes as they will begin in September. 

These classes are available to the following groups: 
Smiles, Nerds, Winks, LOLs, Cool Kids

These classes run on Sundays and the cost is TBD at this time (however will be similar in price to our extras classes that we are charging - Booster, PBT, etc.) The price will be determined on class length and will include an exam fee. 
9. Acro Exams - Mandatory for ALL Level 2 dancers

Acro Exams are an addition to our program this year. This is something we have been striving towards for a few years now and are finally in a good place for all our dancers to take these exams! They will be mandatory for all level 2 dancers taking Acro classes. 

We will complete the Acrobatic Arts syllabus during the first semester (acrobatic arts basic work) and the exams will happen before Christmas break. 

Price for Acro exams will be $125 per dancer. 

Once we return from holidays, Acro classes will carry on with the Alive Dancerworks Syllabus (colours) for more advanced work. 

All dancers will receive a certificate for doing their Acro exam and dancers who receive a “Superior” mark will get a medal! 

All Acro exam work will take place during class time.
10. Disneyland Trip

We are really excited to offer the Disneyland trip this year to the following groups: Kisses, Stars, Nerds, Winks! 

This trip will most likely take place in May (after the competition season is over). The trip will be planned to allow for families to extend their trip if they would like as well! 

This will be a trip for the whole family, however there will be an itinerary that we follow! 

More information to follow but plan for that :) 
11. Nationals Competition in July 2019

As a studio we are wanting to attend Nationals in Kelowna in July next summer. This is something that we have to qualify for and we would like to see many of our dancers attend this.

July 4-7 2019
Kelowna, BC

This experience has been recommended to our studio a number of times by the Showtime director, Adjudicators and other studio owners. If we give families enough time to plan, this is something we can arrange for next summer! 

Please put it in your calendars! More information will come later (this is an optional opportunity, however we highly recommend considering it!) 
12. Parent Representatives Needed

We are seeking Parent Representatives for each group! This parent will assist in communications for all families, help plan events for your groups (team bonding), and will be the general go to person for the office staff. These parents are so helpful to us and we will be very grateful to any help that parents can offer! 

Cool Kids
Hip Hop Only

Please reply to this email if you would like to be a Parent Rep for the 2018/2019 Season. 
13. Account Login

All dancers are set up with an online account within our system. We ask that all parents or dancers sign in to this account. Here you can view your dancers schedules (including weekly classes, summer camps. Conventions, etc). You can also see all upcoming charges and receipts within this system. This is also the best way to update payment information (credit cards). 

We need you to confirm the classes that your dancer(s) has been registered in! Please login and check this information.

To login:
Sign in using your email and password.
If you do not know your password, just click “forgot password". 
Become accustomed to this platform. It will be really helpful to you and can be the first step to answering any questions you may have. 
14. Hip Hop Summer Camps @UV Soul

Universesoul Dance is offering summer camps (Miss Goldie and Miss Apple)! If your dancer is interested in Hip Hop summer classes we suggest these ones held by our Hip Hop teachers at their studio! 

15. Student Teachers Needed

We are looking for dancers to help in certain REC classrooms as student teachers starting in September! These students have a really fun and important role in the class room! They will be required to attend all their teaching classes as well as wear the appropriate attire for the style of class.

They will do things like help with attendance and learning dancers names. They will help with across the floor and they will learn the classes year end show dance to help the dancers. Sometimes the dancers have to start the class without the teacher there and we will ask them to start a warm up! These student teachers are required to attend the Year End Show performance in June for their class and often times have to go on stage to help with the younger dancers!

If your dancer is interested in helping out in a classroom please reply to this email with what class they would like to student teach.

Students are placed at a first come, first served basis. Essentially whoever emails first will get the spot (as long as they meet the guidelines and it works in their schedule)
Please see the list below for options and guidelines:

4-5 Ballet/Jazz 4:30-5:15 (LOL or Smile)

Level 1 4-5 Jazz/Ballet/Acro/Workshop 4:00-5:30 (LOL)
5-7 Ballet/Jazz/Acro 5:30-6:45 (Nerd)

4-6 Ballet 4:15-5:00 (Wink or Nerd)
5-8 Hip Hop 4:30-5:15 (Wink or Nerd)
6-9 Jazz/Acro 5:00-6:15 (Wink or Nerd)
4-6 Hip Hop/Tap (Wink or Nerd)

4-6 Ballet/Jazz 4:00-4:45 (Stars)
7-8 Jazz/Acro 6:45-7:45 (Nerd, Smile, Wink)

3-4 Shining Star 9:00-9:45 (must be 8yrs+)
3-5 Hip Hop 9:15-10:00 (must be 8yrs+)
6-9 Hip Hop 10:00-10:45 (must be 12yrs+)
3-4 Shining Star 10:30-11:15 (must be 8yrs+)
4-7 Musical Theatre 10:30-11:15 (must be 10yrs+)

Reply to this email with your class choice and dancer name!
One Last Thing:
These newsletters will come to you once weekly throughout the year! Please ensure that you are reading them thoroughly! Parents will often set up Alive Danceworks as a VIP or important email to ensure that they receive all the important information. 

Also please make sure that your friends are receiving emails! Check in with other parents so that everyone can be on the same page. We really appreciate when families and friends are helpful to one another. 

Our newsletters often end up in the “promotions” tab or spam so please check there and tell your friends to check there too. 

Hope you are all having a great summer!!
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Phone: (403) 246-5511
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