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Happy Easter From CFI! 
The staff at CFI want to wish you a Happy Easter and a blessed springtime season!  
The Importance of Income Protection
If you were to become disabled and unable to work, would you be able to maintain your current standard of living?  What would the consequences be to you and your family if your income suddenly went away? 

The possibility of a disabling illness or injury may seem remote, but statistics say otherwise.

We encourage you to think seriously about this important piece of your financial planning and to reach out to your Advisor to learn more about Disability Income protection.  

Spring Cleaning Benefits
For many of us the onset of spring is a reminder to start our annual spring overhauls - decluttering, organizing, and cleaning. While spring cleaning has the obvious benefits of an organized closet, a sparkling counter top, and possibly more open spaces, more importantly, it has been associated with improved mood, decreased  stress , and heightened  creativity .
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New Medicare Cards Remider
Remember: New Medicare cards 
start mailing in April 2018

CMS is removing Social Security Numbers from Medicare cards to prevent fraud, fight identity theft, and keep taxpayer dollars safe. They will mail the new Medicare cards from April 2018 through April 2019 in phases by geographic location. 
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Tax Time! Some Helpful Tips...
Tax time is here! 
Check out these frequently asked questions *:

Q: I have a subsidy/tax credit for my health insurance, how do I obtain the form 1095A for my taxes? 

A: Your insurance company should mail your form 1095A by the end of this month. You can also log in as a member with your insurance carrier to view and print it when it becomes available.  Please note that our office does not receive a copy of your 1095A. 

Q: I have an HSA, what are my contribution limits? 

A: The 2017 HSA contribution limits are
HSA contribution limit(employer + employee)
Self-only: $3,400
Family: $6,750

HSA catch-up contributions 
(age 55 or older)*

Read more about HSA's HERE

Q: There have been recent changes to the tax law. How does this impact me?

A: Several changes have been made for the 2018 tax year.  The Tax Cut and Jobs Act was passed last month by Congress and signed by President Trump. The new law includes many expected changes, some unexpected ones, and some changes that were expected but didn't make the cut. Here are the most important things that individual taxpayers need to know.

*Please note that CFI is not an accounting firm and we do not assist with tax filing. 
If you have tax-specific questions, we encourage you to seek out an accountant. 
If you need help finding one, just ask us.  


"Spring is Nature's way of saying 'Let's Party!'" - Robin Williams

As you encounter springtime this year, we hope you are filled with excitement in the newness of this season.  As you witness the miracle of life in nature around you, realize that you can contribute to that wellspring. Work to plant not only real seeds, but also seeds of love and kindness wherever you go.  Growth is only possible if work is put in ahead of time, but joy can be found in that work. 

Jim Roesch,  CEO and Chief Visionary Director