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August 18, Alexander NC: 
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August 18th, Fairfax, VA:
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August 26th, Jacksonville, FL
Things I Wish I'd Known
We make a lifetime commitment to every bird that enters our adoption program. We know the big birds are likely to need several homes across their long-lives. Sometimes they need to come back to us on very short notice. So with 156 macaws, 125 cockatoos, and 105 Amazons already adopted through Phoenix Landing, we are making a concerted effort to locate and support more homes for bigger birds!
As always, we have a long wait list for large birds - macaws, cockatoos and Amazons - and many in our system come back to us multiple times. If you have experience caring for big birds and can help foster, even for a month, please let us know. Start the process by completing an application here . Always wanted a macaw but were too intimidated? We can teach you how to live with them. Fostering is a great way to learn if a big bird is right for you. Here are a few of the birds looking for our help. 
We also highly recommend one of our behavior classes to help set everyone up for success!
Some of Our Many Adoptable Birds
AG and JOIE . AG is named after the chemical symbol for Silver, and he is a 12 year old Congo African grey. His good buddy, Joie, is a 12 year old female Timneh African grey. They are not caged together, but they definitely enjoy time out playing together, so we prefer they go to the same home. They'll chat up storm to each other with phrases like "Hey, birdie!", "Think about it", "What are you doing?" and "Hi AG!". They lost their person a few months ago, and she had given them a great life. We hope their futures will be equally good. They are good pellet eaters, are learning to dabble in more whole foods, especially pumpkin bread and snap peas, and they love Lafeber's Nutriberries. (in NC)
ELLIE is a 3 year old female peachfaced lovebird. We know she is female because she has laid eggs in the past. This means if she is housed with another lovebird it should not be male, because lovebirds often reproduce very quickly. She loves Nutriberries and we are working on adding whole foods to her diet.
SEDGWICK, a green cheek Amazon, is at least 31 years old, which is when he flew down to the home he has had most of those years. Sedgwick's long-term family were faced with numerous medical challenges, but we applaud them for taking care of him for 31 years! He loves hot chili peppers, an excellent food for parrots since it promotes much needed vitamin A. He also enjoys the rain, and it's possible he was wild caught although he has no band.
You know how we feel about good food for good health! Poor nutrition is the cause for many serious physical and mental health issues in parrots. This new book called A Parrot’s Fine Cuisine Cookbook and Nutritional Guide offers many informative articles as well as a delightful collection of over 60 recipes. It also addresses the importance of raw whole foods, the nutritional value of soaking and sprouting, avian teas, pellets, safe cookware, pure water, safe and toxic food lists, and much more. Now available in our Helping Parrots store, click here .
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