Apr 2018
We couldn't tell you all about kitchens without touching on bathrooms, too! Here is the latest in bathroom design trends.
A trend seen in hotels and commercial applications is making it's way into our homes. Layered lighting in the bathroom eliminates the unflattering shadows cast by overhead lighting. Include sconces and back-lit mirrors at the vanity, and strategically place windows for added natural lighting. The more light, the merrier.
Who needs shower doors? It is not only an aesthetically cleaner look, but it frees up valuable space needed for a door to open and close. In order to create a spa-like shower, include a rain shower head, hand held fixture, a large continuous seat, no step entry and interesting no slip tile.
Strong pattern and texture lead the way in tile and wall coverings. Pattern on pattern is in, as is the use of natural materials for an organic addition.
Wall mounted vanities have always had a place in modern design, but today they are seen in all styles. This look makes the bathroom feel more open - a great solution for small bathrooms.
Warm brushed metals and matte black are updated finishes for bath fittings. They work with just about any bath design style, making it very easy to adopt for most.
Toilet advancement technology such as self-cleaning and LED censor lighting is becoming more mainstream. Also - make sure to incorporate the trend of having the toilet within its own room for privacy!

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Phyllis, Johanna & Kate
ICI Model Home Marketing Team
Interior Concepts, Inc.