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In God's Time

Time is an elusive thing -- a constantly moving target that I never seem to be "on." Time is impersonal. It doesn't care who I am or what I am doing; it just keeps moving. We often make feeble attempts to organize the past, present, and future. Our watches and calendars have become more complex to give us a semblance of control. Many of us desire better time management, the ability to predict the future, or the consolation of forgetting the past.

Jesus knows time intimately. He created it and walks in all of it. But for Jesus, not all time is equal. He knows that some moments are pregnant with great eternal realities. In John 13, Jesus knew that His "hour had come" (John 13:1). His time of suffering was barreling down toward Him, reminding Him of what He came on earth to do -- to die so that some might live.

But what did Jesus choose to do with His time, even though He knew His hour of suffering had arrived? He put down His piece of bread, He poured water into a basin, He laid aside His outer garments, and tied a towel around His waist.

He then washed His disciples' feet.

Jesus was facing death, and yet He chose to continue teaching, embodying, and proclaiming the character of God -- His humility to kneel and His power to cleanse.

Very few of us know precisely when our hour will come. What will you be found doing when your hour comes? Whose feet will you be washing? Jesus invited 12 men into real life. He gave them a glimpse of the Kingdom and called them to invite others to come. And yet Jesus, the One who had preached to thousands, chose to wash 24 feet, 120 toes, filled with the dirt of 1,000 days of ministry.

For those of us who feel time is barreling down on us, that time is constantly slipping away from us and our tasks are never done, Jesus has both good and hard news. The good: He wants to wash your feet. His basin is full of His blood and His blood will wash you white as snow.

The hard: He wants you to wash other people's feet. If we are honest, how much of our schedules reflect the priority of Jesus' last hour? How much of our business is busy with Kingdom discipleship?

We do not know what hour He will return, but how amazing might it be that when He does return, He finds us washing someone else's feet. For as the Father sent the Son into the world, so too has He sent us that we might wash the feet of those "who believe in Him through our word" (John 17:21).

~ Daniel Stidham

October 28th Readings
MARK 13:32-37
MATTHEW 24:36-51
LUKE 21:34-38
MATTHEW 25:1-46

October 29th Readings
MARK 14:1-2
MATTHEW 26:1-5
LUKE 22:1-2
MARK 14:10-11
MATTHEW 26:14-16
LUKE 22:3-6
MARK 14:12-16
MATTHEW 26:17-19
LUKE 22:7-13
JOHN 13:1-17
MARK 14:17-26
MATTHEW 26:20-30
LUKE 22:14-30
JOHN 13:18-30

October 30th Readings
JOHN 13:31-38
MARK 14:27-31
MATTHEW 26:31-35
LUKE 22:31-38
JOHN 14:1-15:17

October 31st Readings
JOHN 15:18-17:26

November 1st Readings
JOHN 18:1-2
MARK 14:32-42
MATTHEW 26:36-46
LUKE 22:39-46
MARK 14:43-52
MATTHEW 26:47-56
LUKE 22:47-53
JOHN 18:3-24

November 2nd Readings
MARK 14:53-65
MATTHEW 26:57-68
MARK 14:66-72
MATTHEW 26:69-75
LUKE 22:54-65
JOHN 18:25-27
MARK 15:1
MATTHEW 27:1-2
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MATTHEW 27:3-10

November 3rd Readings
MARK 15:2-5
MATTHEW 27:11-14
LUKE 23:1-12
JOHN 18:28-40
MARK 15:6-15
MATTHEW 27:15-26
LUKE 23:13-25
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