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Giving the Fort Bend ISD community brief updates on the progress of the 2018 Bond

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Technology Improvements

In November 2018, voters approved a bond program that earmarked $142.6 million for technology. Most of these funds are being spent on infrastructure improvements and new devices for student instruction. In addition, the District is currently working to replace staff devices in classrooms and computer labs and audio/visual equipment in classrooms, cafeterias and libraries. Distribution of the new devices was delayed by supply chain shortages caused by the pandemic but is currently underway.

Note: The District utilized bond funds to purchase laptops to lend to students who did not have a computer at home during the pandemic. However, these funds were later reimbursed by a grant.

Did you know? When bond funds are used to purchase technology devices, the District issues debt for shorter periods of time so the devices are not financed longer than their life span.

SMART Interactive Panels

FBISD administration worked with teachers and instructional leaders to determine the “appropriate” classroom toolset for various grade levels. These panels will replace the older projectors and pull-down screens.

Planning Ahead

When planning for the 2018 Bond, the District developed a capital plan that identified $1.72 billion in improvements that needed to be made to District facilities and programs. In order to keep the bond package under $1 billion, it was split into two parts. As a result, FBISD’s Board of Trustees called a $992.6 bond election for November 2018 which passed with 74% approval from voters.

The bond election needed to support the second phase of the capital plan was scheduled for November 2021. However, it was postponed due to the pandemic and leadership changes within the District. FBISD continues its collaborative planning to address the District’s ongoing needs to support student learning for the second phase.

For more information and updates, visit www.fortbendisd.com/bond


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