Etiometry Inc. | December 2018
Leading Hospitals into the Analytics Age
The Digital Age is evolving into the Age of Analytics; and ICUs are the data-rich environment to usher these advancements into hospitals. Get the latest updates on the company transforming patient data into actionable information.
Etiometry Earns Top Honors
Improving the quality of critical care has always been their top priority but earning accolades along the way is an added bonus. In 2018, Etiometry earned major recognition and funding from prestigious organizations nearby and nationally. 

Advancements You Might've Missed

After reading this, you’ll be racing back to your monitors to explore the latest Etiometry updates you might’ve missed in 2018.

Etiometry Does a Double Take

From Omaha to Pakistan, Etiometry has doubled their client base in the last year. These new partnerships are placing the Etiometry Platform beside hundreds of beds...

A Look Ahead
From traveling the world for conferences to uniting world-renowned academic research hospitals, Etiometry shows no signs of slowing in 2019. Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect from the company in the coming year and the updates still under wraps.   

Let's Meet Up
The Etiometry team is constantly on the go and ready to connect. Compare our events page to your calendar for opportunities to meet us in person at conferences around the world.