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Dec. 13, 2017Premier Fly-In Only Canadian Trophy Hunting News


2018 Central Barren Ground Caribou

Caribou Hunt


Caribou. Such a majestic animal and amazing trophy, certainly on any serious hunter's dream list. With Quebec's caribou now closed to hunting, the options to hunt this great species are very limited.

One of the last few remaining herds is Manitoba's, the Kaminuriak herd. Last numbered around 300,000 animals, this herd is North America's healthiest and your best opportunity for not only a caribou but a trophy caribou. This herd has been strongly protected for decades with strict allocations on the cull. It is an exclusive hunt, with less than 500 non-resident hunting licenses a year issued in Manitoba.

As all know, caribou are a migratory animal which can be a challenge. We have outfitted caribou hunts since 1996- 22 years - and done amazingly well with many record book animals in that time, the largest recorded a 402. Despite a handful of challenging years, overall, the quality of hunting has been superb and 2017 featured the great hunting this herd is renowned for, with many beautiful trophies taken. There are no guarantees in true hunting, and certainly caribou can be very frustrating, but to this day, the Manitoba caribou hunt stands as North America's finest opportunity at taking a superb caribou.

Two Nice Ones! 

We hope you enjoy this photo of two nice caribou taken by Dan and Andrew McCabe last season at No-Name Lake.

Caribou- The CSAH Difference

Caribou Hunting

What separates CSAH from other hunting outfitters? #1, a commitment to doing what it takes to ensure your hunt is successful. Great guides, great camps and equipment, and a dedication to ensuring your hunt is excellent. That is our commitment to you. One question that always comes up when hunters are interested in caribou is do we move hunters if the migration shifts locations? Two of the best lines going are the 'check is in the mail' and 'I will fly you to where the caribou are.' The difference is, with CSAH we do when possible and have for many years. There are many variables that can affect this including weather conditions and accessibility by floatplane but if the dynamics work, we do it! Your success is our success!


Fall Hunts Now From Winnipeg

convenient travel

A new and huge difference that sets CSAH apart from other outfitters is our new fall charter from Winnipeg. Travel from Winnipeg to our lodge and airstrip and back. What a great convenience and another advantage ONLY CSAH offers ! No limits on how much meat you can take back, no splitting of racks, and super easy transportation. Another factor why Ganglers CSAH is the top outfitter in Manitoba and one of North America's finest.


Ganglers Hunting Montage

Caribou Hunting

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