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The Fortney Family...
a family of 11,8 daughters
  Betrayed by Faith.....

FOUR of the Fortney sisters -- Patty, Lara, Teresa, Carolyn -- are finally able to go public with their story of sexual abuse by their pastor. Patty said she was 13 when the abuse began, Lara 10, and Teresa in first grade. Carolyn's abused started when she was under 2 years old.

Paralyzed by a gag order signed as part of a settlement with the Diocese of Harrisburg, family members kept their tragedy a secret. They barely spoke to one another about what had happened, worried their individual grief would only burden the others already carrying so much pain.

"After 26 years, The Fortney Family breaks their silence! Learn how their strength and resiliency through all the heartache and betrayal has bonded them to fight for justice for all victims of child sexual abuse!"

Their mission: to convince members of the Senate - who now have under final consideration Senate Bill 261 - to ratify the legislation, which among its broad measures would open up a temporary retroa ctive window allowing time-barred victims to file civil suits.


The sisters, knocked on the doors of legislators to lobby for the bill and its retroactive provision. Meetings and Marches since August after the Grand Jury Report was made public on August 14th.Their commitment is to help all remaining states in pursuit of SOL Reform

                                                                  (click link to watch)
This video was created by the Office of Victim Services in Harrisburg Pennsylvania to be shown in Session. 

                                          CONCERTS THAT ROCK! 
Washington State University- Pullman
November 2, 2018

Andy Grammer
A Multi-Platinum American Pop singer, songwriter and record producer. His debut album, Andy Grammer, was released in 2011 and spawned hit singles, "Keep Your Head Up" and "Fine by Me". 

Andy  will be rocking the stadium in Pullman! Tickets on sale now...Selling Fast!!
Lesher Center for the Arts- Walnut Creek, CA 
March 4, 2019
Patty LaBelle Will Rock The CASA!     

The 5th Annual Rock the CASA benefit concert, 
hosted by ABC7 San Francisco News Anchor Dan Ashley, is pleased to announce Patty Labelle will be headlining in 2019.  This annual night of charity and music
 has raised over $220k to support Court Appointed Special Advocates, Friends of Camp Concord, Big Brothers & Big Sisters.  

Actress and singer Patti LaBelle is widely regarded as the queen of rock & soul music. She has received acclaim for many of her songs, including "Lady Marmalade," "When You Talk About Love," and "New Attitude." She began her career as part of the Ordettes in 1959, who became The Bluebelles in 1961. Her success as a solo artist started in 1983 when she released her hit album I'm in Love Again.
General (Ret.) Mark and Carol Graham 
continue their mission  of raising awareness of the dangers of untreated depression, reminding our leaders about the real injuries of PTSD [Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder] and TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury]; while 
shedding light on mental health issues.  The Grahams have dedicated their lives to sharing their story losing both sons to different types of battles in order to spread Mental Health Awareness. An extraordinary and inspiring story to help all communities nationwide. 
The Grahams story is featured in the award-winning book, "The Invisible Front: Loss and Love in an Era of Endless War", by Yochi Dreazen.

Congratulations to the Grahams as the recipients of the 
2017 SAMHSA Consumer/Peer/Family Leadership Award

April 4, 2019- The Barry Robinson Center in Norfolk, Virginia.
Kevin Berthia  is a  Suicide Prevention Advocate , a  truly grateful survivor that will impact any audience through his presentation. Kevin has had an amazing year as he has traveled not only from coast to coast but over seas to South Korea, to share his story with the troops.  His presentation,  The Impact of Listening , is a critical skill to use for suicide awareness.

                   "I show my scars so that others may know they can heal"

"I want to extend my sincerest thanks to you for helping us bring Kevin Berthia to Trinity County. The way that our high school and junior high school kids responded to him was enough to bring tears to one's eyes! It was such a success! I really believe that his message resonated with this group and will, at the very least, encourage a discussion amongst students regarding the topic of suicidal ideation and the importance of noticing the small but telling changes a person can demonstrate when he or she is in distress."
                                                                                             Marlinda Butler-Trinity County

Kevin is scheduled to be on East Coast in March 2019!
Jennifer Storm
Jennifer Storm  is an award winning author of four critically acclaimed books on addiction, recovery and victimization.
"Blackout Girl: Growing Up and Drying Out in America"
"Leave the Light On: A Memoir of Recovery and Self-Discovery"
"Picking Up the Pieces Without Picking Up: A Guidebook Through Victimization for People in Recovery"
"Echoes of Penn State: Facing Sexual Trauma"

2013 , Jennifer was ( Governor) Appointed   as the 
Victim Advocate for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
 Jennifer has a long list of awards, recently  awarded, The Charles Foundation Community Service Award. Among much award recognition, she also was voted to receive the prestigious Liberty Bell Award. 
Jennifer has been profiled, quoted and/or appeared in; Time Magazine, People, Business Week, Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, L.A.Times, Rolling Stones Magazine and countless others. She has over 1,000 taped and live interviews and media correspondence for A
Jennifer continues her support of all victims with her entrenched fight for SOL REFORM. She seeks change.

Jennifer will be in Phoenix, Arizona February 20, 2019!
Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren 
As a young lawyer, Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren bore witness to the consequences of an underdeveloped mental health care infrastructure. Unable to do more than offer guidance, she watched families being torn apart as client after client was ensnared in the criminal justice system for crimes committed as a result of addiction, homelessness, and severe mental illness.

Poignant and sharp, Lerner-Wren demonstrates that though mental health courts offer some relief in under-served communities, they can only serve as a single piece of a new focus on the vast overhaul of the policies that got us here. Lerner-Wren crafts a refreshing possibility for a future where our legal system and mental health infrastructure work in step to decriminalize rather than stigmatize.

         In A Court of Refuge, Judge Lerner-Wren tells the story of how the court grew from an offshoot of her criminal division without the aid of any federal funding, to a revolutionary institution that has successfully diverted more than 20,000 people with serious mental illness from jail and into treatment facilities and other community resources. Working under the theoretical framework of therapeutic jurisprudence, Judge Wren and her growing network of fierce, determined advocates, families, and supporters sparked a national movement of using courts as a place of healing.

Congratulations to A Court of Refuge, a must read for families and MH it continues to be a desk top source for what's possible in today's court system.

              Judge Lerner-Wren will be in New Jersey, November 14, 2018

Charles Hoge, MD, Colonel, U.S. Army (Ret.)
Serving in a war zone changes everyone...And, returning home can be even more challenging.
 In his ground-breaking book, Dr.
Hoge gives real solutions and explains how to 
 successfully transition home from combat.
Charles Hoge is a nationally-known expert on PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), MTBI (mild traumatic brain injury) and other physiological reactions to war, as well as treatment strategies for war-related conditions. Dr. Hoge's expertise spans psychiatry, trauma, public health, health policy, and infectious diseases. His articles in The New England Journal of Medicine and The Journal of the American Medical Association are the most frequently cited medical articles about the impact of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  
                          Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior-   

Navigating the Transition From Combat to Home
Amazon 5 Star Customer Review Rating
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