Dear CJA Members,

CJA has been closely tracking all of the judicial elections throughout the state. Below are the final unofficial results for all judges that were challenged in this election as well as the recall vote results for Judge Aaron Persky in Santa Clara County.

CJA congratulates all the incumbent judges who retained their seats! We want to thank Judge Richard Ulmer and all the members of JETPAC as the 13 judges that were supported by JETPAC all won their races handily. The strength of JETPAC is important to discourage future challengers. Additionally, thank you to Judge Jim Bertoli and all the members of the CJA Elections Committee for providing support and guidance to our challenged members.

Unfortunately, our colleague Judge Aaron Persky did not survive the recall and is the first sitting judge in over 80 years to be recalled in California. Judge Persky was subject to a perfect storm which resulted in him losing his position while lawfully performing his job. We wish him well in all future endeavors.

Among the winners include Judge Maclolm Mackey, one of the most senior members of the court, and Judge Hernaldo Baltodano who was challenged only weeks after receiving his appointment. A special shout out to our colleagues in San Francisco who were forced to endure a bruising political campaign.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or your CJA Board representative should you have any questions on the elections.


Judge Stuart M. Rice

Nicole Virga Bautista
Executive Director and CEO