2018 Grammy Winner: 
The Crossing & Donald Nally
Gavin Bryars: The Fifth Century

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The list of people to thank is way too long for this moment, so let's focus on The Great Big Family that is The Crossing and who just won a Grammy.  Thank you for supporting our work for nearly a decade and a half and inspiring the creation of works like The Fifth Century. And, thank you for believing in our mission to record our commissioned new music with the composer in the room - an historical record of our idea of choral art, emerging from of the composing voices we love. 

One moment of reflection: Gavin's work is dedicated to the memory of co-founder Jeff Dinsmore.  Jeff would be popping the cork of the finest bubbly right now. We miss him.  And we remember. BUT we have this thoughtful elegy to accompany those memories.

More thanks, in lieu of a televised speech, we have this amazing team to thank: 

Gavin Bryars, creator of such an intimate, knowledgeable musical world
PRISM - Matt, Tim, Taimur, Bobby - The Art of the Saxophone
Tony Creamer, inspiration and major support
Andreas Meyer, innovative producer
Paul Vazquez, long time friend and recording engineer
The Team at ECM Records: Sarah, Guido, Manfred, Tina
The Board and Staff of The Crossing

and, especially, the artists who produce the sounds that are The Crossing: 
Tanisha, Katy, Julie, Karen B, Steven B, Veronica, Colin, Micah, Ryan, Joanna, Steven G, Barbara, Steven H, Heather, Kevin K, Heidi, Maren, Vincent, Frank M, Rebecca M, Rebecca O, Ellen, Daniel S, Rebecca S, Stephen S, Elisa, James, Karen W, Jackson, Shari, John G...and, those that don't happen to be on this recording: Gaby, Nathaniel, Jess, Elijah, Abigail, Robby, Allie, Dimitri, Frank L, Chelsea, Mike, Dan O, Kyle, Dan S, Diane, Dan T, Jason, Scott, Laura, Ken, Mark, and more. 
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